Magic of Macro Photography

May 2015

2 mins read

Macro photography is the art of taking extreme close-ups of small objects and making a little world appear larger. Taking macro shots can be extremely fun and beneficial in developing your skills as a photographer. Macro shots make for great stock imagery and canvas prints as they engage the viewer and make the subject matter larger than life. However it is not easy to achieve flawless macro photos; it takes time, practice and the correct equipment in order to take the most vivid and exquisite macro imagery.

Macro Photography

Some point and shoot digital cameras can have notable macro abilities, however a single-lens reflex camera gives the best results. These types can have special-purpose macro lenses attached and show what the sensor is getting via the bright LCD display. The best macro shots— regardless of camera being used, typically requires the smallest lens aperture available in order to get optimal image sharpness and depth of field. By selecting macro on a DSLR, it tells the lens aperture to close to its minimum, therefore extending the depth of field and allowing you to move in closer to the subject. The most common method is to use a purpose-built macro lens on a DSLR. Although they can be quite expensive, they allow you take a macro shot from a normal distance. Therefore they prevent shadows and distortion that are typically cast by getting in closer with an attachment lens.

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Macro photography typically contains a small section or partial part of the photo out of focus in order to draw the viewer’s eye to a specific in area that is in focus and has the most intricate detail. It’s best to have both a static camera and subject when taking these shots. Using a small aperture and a slow shutter speed can also help, whilst tripods can be beneficial in preventing camera shake when these settings are applied.

Although Macro photography is a style in itself, it can be fused with almost every other type of photography. It can work particularly well for food and fashion photography as it sells products by capturing the highest detail on the goods. Macro shots are extremely popular in the photography industry as they demonstrate what the human eye can’t perceive making it a photographic style that will retain the viewer’s interest and will never go out of fashion.

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