Light Up Your World With Light Painting Tutorial

Light painting is the art of painting with light.

This is something which anyone can do with a DSLR. Even if you don’t consider yourself as a “photographer”, you can still do this because this has nothing to do with Photoshop or pricey DSLRs. It’s pure science of photography.

Here are some examples of light painting.

The science

To understand light painting, you must understand how a camera works.

When you press the shutter release button on the camera to click pictures, the shutter opens and closes very quickly, allowing just enough light to enter inside the camera and burn the digital film just enough to create an image. This happens within fractions of a few seconds.

When you set the shutter speed to expose for a very long time, the camera is allowing light to continuously fall on the digital film. If this light were to move while the shutter is open, it will trace the path of the movement of the light.

Now, let’s see how to put this knowledge to paint with light and create this image.

This is a 30 seconds exposure shot. Yes, the shutter was open for 30 seconds and during this time, we were painting this pattern with the laser.

Things you will need to do this

The preparation of your shoot will depend on the kind of scene that you have in your mind. However, these are the basic things that you will need to create simple light painting shots like in this light painting tutorial.

  1. A tripod: Th