Infographic Design Guide: Create Compelling Infographics From Scratch!

The emergence of information technology as a major tool of communication has brought about a complete change in the way written, verbal or visual content is designed. More and more people have started looking for well-structured pieces of readable content which are both, relevant and engaging. As a result, content creators have begun to use a variety of techniques to present important chunks of information in an interesting, attractive and efficient way. 

One such technique that has gained immense traction in recent times is that of Infographics

What Are Infographics?

As the name itself suggests, an infographic is essentially a combination of two words – Information and Graphics. This simply means that an infographic uses representative graphics like charts, bars, columns and diagrams to convey complex information like facts, figures and data, in a manner that is condensed, lucid and understandable. Being a purely visual medium, an infographic design is meant to break down the most complicated of details and present them for quick and clear consumption. 

For instance, consider the following infographic example

In this infographic design, the steps which help make a business strategy successful have been listed in an explicit and methodical way. Had the same information been conveyed in words, it might not have had a similar appeal for the audience. However, by using an illustration, the infographic creator has turned various incomprehensible bits of information into a simple, transparent and intelligible chart. This simplicity is precisely why about 84% of individuals and businesses who use infographic designs, consider them to be highly effective and marketable.  

Nonetheless, before you get down to the actual process of making an infographic design, it would be wise to understand a few best practices which have guided content creators, across the world, through numerous design-based trials and tribulations. 

Here is what you must do in order to create a compelling infographic design from scratch – 


First and foremost, you need to determine the specific objective behind creating an infographic design. What really is your purpose? Are you a business intending to use infographics for generating leads and triggering conversions? Or are you a blogger who is merely interested in educating his audience about some latest research? 

Knowing your motive for crafting an infographic design can help a great deal in devising its structure, layout, pattern, and content. 


Once your purpose is clear, you must begin gathering as much information as you can about the details that you intend to carry. Who is your infographic design focusing on? Are you aware of the interests, preferences, hobbies, social statuses or demographic profiles of your target audience? Do you know which sources you must refer to for ensuring data accuracy and authenticity? 

Curating such information wisely can help you decide which segments are important enough to be included in the infographic design and which parts of the informational whole can be easily dispensed with. 


When it comes to infographic design, the very first thing that your audience tends to notice is the header. So, if you want to grab their attention, you need to start with this particular feature. 

Here are a few ways you can create a captivating header design: 

  • Write a short, succinct and catchy title which gives your readers a gist of the infographic’s contents.
  • Use a large, preferably bold font to make your header stand out. The idea is to craft a header that instantly catches the audience’s eye.
  • Choose a background color that is different from the re