Why Photographers of every standard should participate in Photography Competitions

Mar 2015

2 mins read

Photography is a form of both science and art. Capturing images at the exact instant they occur, solidifies that moment in a visual form, as it is likely may never occur or be replicated again. A true photographer identifies and is prepared for these moments, and is ready with the camera at hand to achieve the best possible shot.

International Photography competitions celebrate the world’s best photographers, both known and unknown based on their skillset and talent alone. These competitions share and praise the photographers work both online and offline, giving the artist the exposure they need to progress their photography further. Partaking in photography competitions is not solely reserved for the professionals. Photographers of all levels can benefit from entering these contests for the following reasons;

  1. Most competitions give a theme to their participants, which can be interpreted by each photographer differently, therefore setting the same requirements for all entrants.
  2. As a photographer, with the knowledge of your work being criticised and judged by others, you force yourself to give a critical eye to your own work, to achieve the best possible result.
  3. It enables you to compare your work to your contemporaries and set a higher work standard for yourself.
  4. You learn and improve from both the winner and those who are shortlisted.
  5. You will find yourself gradually building up a portfolio and acknowledging your own unique style.

The Annual Sony World Photography Awards is one of these competitions, where photographers from all around the globe are welcome to enter. Each year the entries consist of thought-provoking, eye-opening and stunning imagery. The competition receives thousands of submissions, which can’t be described in words, they simply have to be seen.

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