How To Change Your Lifestyle Behaviours Once And For All!

Jun 2015

1 mins read

As a dietitian I am often asked by people who are trying to change their lifestyle behaviours why it is that they keep failing.

To understand this you must be aware that we go through a variety of stages when changing a behaviour. This is called the Stages of Change model.

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As you can see in the above diagram you go through a variety of stages when you are trying to change a behaviour. Regardless of what it is that you want to change e.g. lose weight, stop eating junk food, exercise more etc. you need to identify what stage of change you are at and then take action as illustrated in the box below in order to move to the next stage and achieve change.

nutrition blog12

You can exit and re-enter the stages of change at any stage and most people do not realise that relapse is actually part of the process. So the next time you fall off the wagon and feel like giving up on your efforts to change, simply stop and re-evaluate where you are at and then take action to keep going.

With time and effort you will eventually achieve the change you desire!

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