How Runners can Achieve Optimal Athletic Performance?

Sep 2019

2 mins read

Needless to say, an athlete needs way more than just exceptional training for sheer on-track success. Although, relentless training and physical activity are definitely the pillars of perfection, it is the nutritional profile that eventually impacts the athletic performance, in the most direct manner. What needs to be understood is that runners’ diet is basically high in essential micro and macro elements which also keep injuries and physical ailments to a minimum.

How Balanced Nutrition for Runners Looks Like?

For an athlete to achieve optimal levels of running performance, it is necessary to opt for a diet plan that has ample quantities of healthy and essential carbohydrates for energy and even substantial protein for an anabolic physical environment. In the subsequent sections, we shall look at some of the more credible food choices while taking the athlete’s diet into account:

  1. Yogurt— Needless to say, plain yoghurt offers a great combination of proteins and essential carbohydrates besides contributing immensely to the physical recovery of an athlete. Moreover, yoghurt contains probiotics which helps in improving the overall immunity.
  2. Dark Chocolate— While this might actually come as a surprising choice, cacao (key ingredient of dark chocolate) is capable of lowering cholesterol levels and normalize blood pressure; thereby helping them achieve desired levels of physical performance.
  3. Broccoli— When it comes to ascertaining the best diet for athletes, Broccoli comes across as the most obvious choice of greens for its high vitamin C content. It has been inferred from studies that this vegetable has the capability of relaxing sore muscles after intense training sessions. Besides, it’s also a potent source of Vitamin K., Folic acid, and Calcium.
  4. Coffee— Runners’ diet is incomplete without coffee – for caffeine serves as a potential stimulant that helps enhance both endurance and performance. Most importantly, coffee in prescribed proportions increases blood flow to the kidneys, which in turn helps in eliminating toxins from the body.
  5. BananasNutrition for runners should include ample quantities of potassium and bananas aid in sourcing the same with a generous boost of carbohydrates. Potassium, in simpler words, lowers the blood pressure of athletes and helps replenish essential minerals which are usually lost after intense training sessions.
  6. Peanut Butter— Besides proteins and carbohydrates being the crucial components in an athlete’s diet, it’s also important to consume healthy fat. Natural peanut butter although rich in protein, it contains essential fats that aids in the athlete’s overall performance.


While we did mention the basics of the runners’ diet, it eventually comes down to how the entire meal plan is segregated, based on individual preferences and requirements. Whatever be the food choices, there has to be a perfect nutritional balance for a runner to achieve optimal athletic performance.

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