Go Sports Team!

Mar 2015

2 mins read

Do you support a sports team? How long have you supported them?  Do you remember why you started supporting them in the first place? If you look at any English premier league soccer team, the players are generally not a very good representation of the local community. Any team that ever starts up usually does so to represent those people that are local to the area. The best players are picked and the supporters support them because they are their representatives out on the pitch.  So my question is, why do people continue to support a team that actually has players who have nothing to do with the area in which the team is based? And even more incredibly why do people who are not even from the same country support these teams? The answer is …

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…the sales principle of consistency.  People want to align with what they have done in the past. They want to be consistent. We all do. So with say, soccer teams we either pick one at random when we are kids or it is the one everyone else supports or it is a family member who tells you you now support X. And then we just go along with that, unquestioned for all eternity. When you step back from the situation it is ludicrous. Unless it is actually a team that actually represents the place where you are actually from then you are merely being consistent with what you have done in the past.  When it comes to business, are there things that you do that have always worked….like cold calling? You make 100 calls, get 10 connections, get 2 leads and possibly 1 sale? Is that success? Really? Everyone else makes cold calls, we all get them and we know how to fob people off…. What if there was another way? What if you could get clients to come to you?


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