Get Creative With These Smart Logo Design Tips

Mar 2020

5 mins read

If you are a sports buff, you won’t take a second to recall the swoosh logo that is associated with Nike. The iconic sports shoe brand has retained this trademark because people who are loyal to Nike identify with it. That’s the power of a logo! 

The art of logo design has been around for over a century, and even today, a logo has the same importance for a brand as it did when it was first designed. Given the fact that potential clients identify so strongly with it, professionals in logo design are in high demand. 

So what makes a logo stand out? How do these professionals create a logo design that improves brand recall significantly? For answers to such questions and how to become a great logo designer, read on. 

Before you understand how to create a logo design, you need to understand the skills required for it. A logo is the visual identity of a brand, so it warrants putting in some thought – you can’t just start sketching randomly to create one. 

Here are some tips and online tutorials for creating better logos:

Getting the Idea

While you could take the help of an online logo maker, you need to get an idea for the logo first.  Everyday objects around you may trigger your inspiration, or you could try your luck on websites such as Logo Gala. Online or offline, your idea should give you the adrenaline rush. 

The End Result

Always remember that you are creating the identity for a brand before you begin the logo design. The final product should be easy to understand, have a high recall, and be relevant. 

Standard Creative Process

While your logo design process will be unique, there should be a certain flow in your approach. To create a logo design, keep the following points in mind:

  • Get all the information required from the client through the design brief
  • Do your research about the client’s industry
  • Refer to designs which relate to the client’s specifications
  • Based on the brief and research, create a logo design
  • Give yourself time to put some thought in the design
  • Make a presentation to the client with a few design options and make any changes based on the client’s feedback

Your Fee Model

Since the wants and needs of all clients will be different, you need to have a clear pricing method for every logo design. Your fee model should take into account the number of hours spent, the revisions made, the research involved, or the different concepts provided. Moreover, you should be able to customize your fee as per the project requirements. 

Learn From the Success of Other Brands

Studying iconic logo designs can not only motivate or inspire you but also teach you some valuable lessons in the logo design industry. You can get access to the success stories of famous brands and improve your chances of being successful by modifying your approach if required. 

Understand the Target Audience

The goal of your client is to connect with their target audience to increase business revenues. For this reason, your logo design should help the client communicate with its target audience. At every stage of the logo design process, you should take inputs from the client so that the final design is one that serves your client’s purpose.

Get Absorbed in the Brand Completely

You should have complete knowledge about who the client is, what their product or service is all about, and who they want to reach out to before you create a logo design. Refer to the existing logos to see where improvements can be made and be sure about the client’s do’s and don’ts.

File All Your Sketches

Start keeping all your logo designs in one place, whether they have been used for a specific project or not. A logo design not used for one project may one day provide you with the inspiration for another project. 

Have an Idea Board

Pin all your logo design ideas on an idea board. Combine different keywords with various design inspirations and find out the combinations which you feel work the best. A mind map will help you connect a logo design with a keyword.

Ideas From Existing Logos

By creating a board with your existing body of work and analyzing it to find which logo design worked and why, you can access new ideas to create a logo design.

Inspiration From a New Fad

You must have come across the latest logo design fad that is going viral. It could be a valuable resource for some fresh concepts.

The Versatility of a Design

Does your logo design look good on posters and other novelty items such as coffee mugs or t-shirts? Before you create a logo design, you need to ensure that your design is versatile. 

Designing the Grid

Have you seen the logo of SBI? The shape or grid of the logo has remained the same, and you can identify with it. Focus on the grid when you create a logo design for a lasting effect. 

Sketching on Paper

Though it is always easier to start with online tools for a logo design, using a pen and paper for sketching gives you greater flexibility for the creative process. Once you are convinced about your idea, you can design your logo using Photoshop.

Creating the Design Vector

Creating a vector or a framework for your logo design gives you the flexibility to edit the design if required. You can accomplish this easily by designing your logo in Photoshop and making as many changes as you need. 

Keep the Font Simple

Use a standard typeface for your logo design. Avoid using flashy typefaces as they tend to distract the attention of the target audience. 

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