Freelance vs Studio: The Pros and Cons

May 2018

2 mins read

So, you’re at a stage of your life with choices to make once again. Whether your specialism is graphic design, illustration or 3D art, chances are you’ll have made a choice between working as a freelancer or getting a full-time job in a studio. It’s a major decision with plenty of pros and cons to each. Well, let’s help you understand both so you can make a decision that suits you!


Freelancing: The Pros and Cons

As a new designer, a Freelancing offers up the world when it comes to finding your true style. you get to work on a lot of different projects, instead of just working for one for years in a studio. It allows you to truly develop your craft and focus on learning new skills along the way. Per this with the ability to set your own hours and it is easy to see why so many designers opt for this lifestyle. Money and time are two important aspects of everyone’s life so it’s a clearly a pro when your able to have both.

Sounds too good to be true well, what about the cons? Well, let’s start with the business side of working for yourself, or as we can put it the non-creative work. finding clients is a difficult task starting out, but then you need to set rates, charge them and make sure you get the money. Not to mention paying the government! Taxes are important after all. You will also need to save for your future while investing in your small business venture. With all that to focus on we also must deal with the clients too. Simply receiving payment can be a struggle sometimes. Always have a contract and do not even lift a pencil until you do. Always work with a respect for yourself and remember that you are the creative power, to not be pushed around.


Studio: The Pros and Cons

Let’s start with Cons as we can just reverse our freelance pros. A studio can be, but is not always, on directional. You deal with clients who are one directional because you must keep branding guidelines for every task. And the task will get repetitive if dealing with the same clients repeatedly. You also have contracted hours, so free time is not a possibility in most cases.On the other side, we also consider the pros of a weekly wage and not worrying about finding clients. The Biggest pro of a studio is the other designers. Collaborating on big projects is a truly rewarding experience. You can also make contacts in case you ever want to go towards a freelance career in the not so distant future.

Our conclusion can just be summed up as a best of luck to all aspiring designers. If you want to increase your skills make sure to log in and check out or design faculty courses.

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