Healing Crystals Guide: Types of Crystals and How to Use Them

Feb 2021

7 mins read

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is all the rage with Hollywood A-listers these days. It reminds holistic practitioners of the dawn of the New Age during the late seventies when crystal healing made a powerful comeback. Ironically enough, it was the period in Europe referred to as the Age of Enlightenment, which ended around the late 1700s, that did much to suppress this ancient energy balancing practice.

In our world that is forever buzzing, think of incorporating crystals into your daily life as lending a helping hand to your soul. These beautiful stones can be applied in several manners. In this article, we'll focus on protection, anxiety and healing, as these are three areas often adversely affected by the constant demands daily placed on human beings.

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How to use healing crystals

1. Healing stones for protection

    You are a soul having a human experience. Whether you're consciously aware of it or not, your life unfolds in accordance with what you believe to be true for yourself. Sometimes, we must walk paths that make us shake in our boots. During such instances, from the abundance of energetic choices constantly available around us, you may unknowingly attract life energy that will serve to your detriment. These three crystals help protect you from doing so.

    Black tourmaline

    This inexpensive, shiny black stone is a popular choice for energy protection. Simply carrying a piece of black tourmaline around in your pocket can have a deeply calming effect, which obviously impacts the flow of your day. It is a grounding stone, meaning it prevents you from becoming so caught up in the dramas of the world that it totally overwhelms you. Holding black tourmaline in the palms during meditation is a popular choice for those who wish to harmoniously centre into a peaceful mind space.

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    Black obsidian

    Are you struggling to overcome past issues or perhaps having difficulty adapting to a new environment? If so, black obsidian is the ideal stone for you. This glassy black stone that shimmers when held up to the sun aids in forgiving and releasing past events that prevent you from fully benefiting from life’s present choices. Should you have an interest in connecting to your ever-present spirit guides and angels, wearing this stone on a chain around your neck can help synchronise this wish into being.


    Vibrant orange to sometimes fiercely copper-red carnelian stabilises your emotions. This is incredibly beneficial, as the yin and yang balance it brings contributes to an overall positive outlook on life. This transforms you into a magnet for beneficial well-serving energy.

    2. Healing stones for anxiety

      In the fast-paced world we live in, anxiety, and within that, high-functioning anxiety, is a very present, joy-stifling emotion. Humans are naturally curious beings, and in the last fifty years, a lot has changed on Earth as a result of indulging this. In July of 1969, an estimated 650 million viewers globally united in awe of the first moon landing.

      The world’s current top-selling soprano, Sarah Brightman, says it was watching this very event on a black and white television as a child that made her realise that human beings can do extraordinary things. Not everyone is equally inspired by the constant fluctuations of life, though. If you need some extra oomph to help you cope with anxiety brought on by the racing world’s expectations, here are three crystals that are absolute winners.


      Amethyst, from Greek mythology, is known as the stone of sobriety. Previously, many people dropped these striking purple crystals in their cups of wine. Those people now know that doing so will not maintain physical soberness. However, amethyst does bring about soberness of the mind.

      The traditional Chinese practice of Feng Shui embraces the calming, prosperity-unlocking attributes of amethyst. It's a stone that brings about harmony and aids in curing insomnia. Why not keep a piece of amethyst on your bedstand for a better night’s sleep?


      Amber, more commonly known as teething beads, is not a crystal but a gem formed from fossilised tree resin many, many moons ago. Be it as it may, millions of parents have secured a string of these beautiful beads around their young children’s necks. Wearing a string of amber around your neck can greatly benefit anyone.

      Amber works at a slower pace than crystals and is one of the few stones that needs to remain in physical contact with the human skin to deliver its magic. Amber isn't typically used in an actual crystal healing session yet may be stocked by the practitioner as a mind-clearing product you can purchase.

      Did you know that amber is utilised in many industries, including that of cosmetics, food production and manufacture? Most of these are discussed in the very first lesson of Shaw Academy's online crystal healing course.

      Rose quartz

      Chances are if someone mentions crystals, images of lovely pink rose quartz will come up. These stones with their gentle energy are referred to as the crystals of universal love. They are mined globally, which makes them quite easily attainable and cost-effective. The best quality rose quartz is said to be from Brazil, and these are quite pricey. However, even the smallest piece of rose quartz kept in your space is ideal for welcoming in calming energy.

      3. Crystals for healing

      When referring to healing in holistic practice, the focus is on balancing an individual’s energy. Smooth flowing energy results in pleasant life experiences. Two points of focus for every crystal healing session are: 1. Balancing the client’s natural energy centres, known as the chakras, and; 2. Cleansing the energetic field surrounding the client’s body. This is what we refer to as the aura. Here are three crystals you can easily wear or design your own jewelry out of to brighten up your day and keep your energy optimally flowing.

      Clear quartz

      Known as the crystal of all possibility, something interesting about clear quartz is that it can be programmed to emit any energy. On its own, it's a great energy amplifier. In fact, clear quartz has such a potent effect on other crystals, merely placing a piece among them immediately doubles their natural energy output. You can see how including such a stone in your life can benefit you preciously.

      If you're not sure what clear quartz looks like, think of the ever-famous gypsy’s crystal ball. Nowadays, glass versions of these exist. However, these are traditionally shaped from larger chunks of clear quartz crystals. Keep a small crystal ball in a space where someone is physically ill, to aid their recovery or even contribute to their calmer passing from this world to the next. Any space with generally toxic energy could benefit from the presence of clear quartz.


      Radiant citrine reminds of sunlight. It's a stone of confidence, prosperity and joy. Citrine helps one concentrate. It's to the energetic body what a potent energy drink is to the physical body. The advantage is that when your spirit is lifted, the natural body automatically follows suit, meaning citrine could replace chemical-filled products that are detrimental to your overall wellbeing and health.

      Did you know that the bright yellow citrine you see in stores is often amethyst that has been exposed to excruciating heat, and instead of disintegrating, it transmuted into something else altogether wonderful? That is the life-merging energy citrine carries. Imagine how such an energetic vibration could affect your life.

      Smokey quartz

      Smokey quartz is a go-to stone for removing any form of negativity. Whether these are mindsets because of unsavoury past experiences or the stuffy energetic residue gathered in a space where someone is physically ill. For particularly heavy energy removal, opt for the darker smokey quartz versions.

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