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Choosing the Best Camera for Professional Photography Made Easy

Professional photography has caught the attention of people of all ages and why not. Not only do you get creative satisfaction from capturing your subject in a rare position, but if you have managed to draw the attention of photography collectors, the sky is the limit in terms of earnings!

Professional photographers worldwide earn upwards of several thousand to over a million dollars through this art! There are photography clubs all over the world, and photography lovers are joining them to pursue their passion and learn photography.

The tool for every photographer is their camera, and if you want to take this profession seriously, then you need the best camera for professional photography.

If you are confused about which camera would be the best choice for you, then read on. We will help you narrow down to the right choice with some simple questions that you need to ask yourself. 

How Do I Choose the Best Camera for Professional Photography?

When it comes to choosing the best camera for professional photography, here are some questions that need to be answered:


The million dollar question you need to answer is what is the subject you are trying to photograph. The reason for this is that every subject has its unique challenges which should be considered for buying the best camera for professional photography

Will you be a wedding photographer? Are you interested in wildlife? Will you be covering some sports events? Will you be capturing your kids in their natural moments?

Once you decide your category, you can move on to choose the best camera for photography. Your options include DSLR (having interchangeable lenses), four thirds or mirrorless(having interchangeable lenses), point and shoot (without interchangeable lenses), smartphone or specialized cameras like drones or GoPro.

When you learn photography in more detail, you will know their applications better. 

A digital single-reflex lens or a DSLR camera can be used for multiple categories like sports, wildlife or weddings. The best DSLR camera will come at a high price, but considering the image quality, it is worth it. 

When you want to upload photos with your friends and family on Facebook or Instagram, your smartphone is the best camera for professional photography!

When it comes to flowers, close-ups or street photos, the best camera for professional photography would be either Point and Shoot or Mirrorless.


As a rule of thumb, size and features have a significant impact on the price of the camera. Your budget would depend on your specific needs.

If you are looking at a portable camera, not capturing sports or wildlife, the point and shoot would be the best camera for photography. Prices vary according to size and megapixels.

Mirrorless cameras will be the best camera for professional photography if you need an interchangeable lens, greater image quality and more focus. These cameras are ideal if you have small hands.

If your subject is sports or wildlife, need speciality lenses, and have big hands, then go for the best DSLR camera.  

Skill Category

The best camera for professional photography would depend on your level of expertise – beginner, intermediate or advanced. 

If you have been using your smartphone so far for taking photos and have no knowledge of cameras, then you could start with either a point and shoot, mirrorless camera or entry-level DSR.

If, however, you need advanced features which help you capture action events or sports, then the best camera for photography would be a digital camera. 

Image Sharing

You need to ask yourself if you need cameras with more megapixels. Your smartphone would be the best camera for professional photography in most cases unless you are taking photographs for a billboard ad. You don’t need digital cameras for sharing photos on social media.

Size of Your Hands

An odd question, you might think, but surprisingly this is important. You should hold the camera in your hands to see if you are comfortable with it or ask a photography specialist who can be found in a camera store. 

The best camera for professional photography would be the right size for your hands. 

Future Upgrades

If you are considering upgrading your camera in future, your best camera for professional photography would be either a DSLR or mirrorless camera

You could use a point and shoot to start with and keep it as a backup later on, but any of the two choices above are preferable. 

Image Control

The processing aspect of photography is as important as shooting the photograph. The best camera for professional photography should be able to photograph a raw file which is required for processing images.

Friend Recommendations

If you are buying a camera for the first time, then go for the brand they use when you want to learn photography. The exact model is not required. This will allow you to share lenses with them or learn more about local stores.

There are a lot of things to consider before deciding which is the best camera for professional photography. The final decision will ultimately depend on whether you travel a lot, what you can carry with you and of course, the subject you want to shoot.

Become a Professional Photographer With Shaw Academy

If becoming a professional photographer sounds exciting to you, then join Shaw Academy and learn photography from the best. Shaw Academy will bring out the photographer in you through its online photography course. 

Start with the basics of photography from industry professionals. You can learn more about selecting the best camera for professional photography, master the features of all cameras with ease, and understand how to click the best photos. Moreover, this online course ensures that you learn photography at your own pace! 

The well-designed course takes you through handling the subject of your photography, camera functions, motion and depth, composition, right lighting to fully manual mode, the colour of light and digital image!

Learn photography from Shaw Academy and watch your career soar!

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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

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