Blogger vs. WordPress

May 2018

3 mins read

Selecting a publication platform

When creating a blog, you have to decide which publishing platform is the best option for you and your goals. Usually, the selection is made between the most popular publishing platforms; between Blogger and WordPress, so we've compared their features in this post.

Google-owned Blogger is a completely free publishing platform. WordPress also has one publishing platform that is completely free to use for blogging. In particular, a startling blogger should minimize the cost of blogging and choose a free blog post as it is impossible to predict the popularity of the blog in advance.

The key differences between Blogger and WordPress:


  • Easy to use and free.
  • Works with Google IDs.
  • Free domain name
  • The blog can be transferred free of charge.
  • You can get Google AdSense for your blog so you can make money on the blog.
  • You can place other ads on your blog.
  • Appearance Design Tool.
  • Ready design templates.
  • Blogging on a mobile device is easy.
  • Visitor statistics.
  • HTML-editors.
  • CSS-editors.
  • Reliable.


  • The design cannot be edited unlimitedly.
  • Google owns your blog. If Google considers the content to be inappropriate, it may remove the blog.


  • Free blog.
  • Free domain name
  • Your domain can get $ 13 a year.
  • Support from the community forum.
  • Basic models of the layout.


  • Only 3 GB of space (extra charge for more space).
  • WordPress may show their own ads on a blog. Ads can be removed by paying $ 30 a year.
  • Cannot add videos to your blog. By paying $ 60 a year, you can add videos to your blog.
  • Ads cannot be added to the blog.

The key difference between services is that you can make money on Blogger, while WordPress's free blog doesn't allow you to place ads. If a blog is willing to make money at an early stage, Blogger is a better option.

In addition, Blogger’s use is completely free, but in WordPress, additional features come at additional fees.

Which platform should I choose?

How to set up a blog? I highly recommended that a novice blogger chooses Blogger as a publishing platform. This is because it is easy and free to use, and the blog can place ads. Additionally, rumors suggest that Google will show Blogger websites higher in search results.

Many blogging sites recommend choosing WordPress, which is to be installed instead of a free service, as it offers a wider scope for editing the blog layout than Blogger. Some consider WordPress to be maintained as the only real option if you want your site to be professional. WordPress itself is usually the best option, especially when you want to set up websites for your own company. In such cases, it is natural that there may be more need for editing the look and various add-ons. With WordPress, you can do just about any kind of site. For example, eBay and LinkedIn have been created with WordPress.

Creating a website from the very beginning can be costly and laborious, though. Self-contained WordPress will offer the most if you are a skilled encoder because the expertise of HTML, CSS, and PHP languages is a great help.

On the other hand, Blogger is best suited for basic blogging. I would go to WordPress to make pages only if it is not about blogging, but the purpose is to create web pages on a more professional basis.

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