Black and White Photography – Tips for Enthusiastic Newbies

Black and white photography is an attractive and challenging part of artistic photography. Some of the most intense stories in history have been told using this technique. Even people who don’t have a particular interest in photography are often hypnotized by the power of black and white images. It is true that thanks to digital technology, monochrome photography became much easier. Photographers used to work days to complete shooting and developing, while now, the whole process is mastered in just a few hours. Luckily, the emotion and passion these photos invoke remain unchanged.

Even if faster and less complicated in present, the art of monochrome photography does not lean only on converting an image to black and white. It is true that, when thinking about this type of photography, many digital photographers don’t see more than colour photos converted by software.

monochrome photography

In order to understand the field and to achieve truly impressive results a professional photographer must look at all shooting factors at the time, as opposed to relying on post-production software afterwards. Therefore, in order to stand out as a black and white photographer you must be able to visualize the world in black and white. Professionals take their best photos when they intentionally embark with black and white images in their mind.

If you are talented but a newbie, and plan to have a serious go at monochrome photography, here are a few tips to help you begin your journey.

vintage photo

See the World in Black and White

Imagining how everything would look when converted to black and white might be difficult at the beginning, since we are all used to seeing the world in so many colours. However, as a photographer, you must develop the ability to see beyond the colours. Having the power to “catch sight “ of your final shot is hard, but not impossible. You must concentrate on other aspects, instead of focusing on the colours.

So, if you want to create mind-blowing monochromatic photos, you must be able to look at shapes, tones and textures, and to make them points of interest. As stated before, this is something far from being easy. But as a photographer, you must pay particular attention to seeing the world differently. You will be able to do it, but only after investing time and training yourself with patience.

World in Black and White

Find Good Subjects

In order to become an expert, you must practice. You can find subjects everywhere, no matter which town or city you live in. Pay attention to the graphic details and vast street scenes, the shapes and designs of the buildings. Since there are only certain elements that work perfectly but no actual rules about what to shoot, the main purpose is to learn how to revolve your attention around what works for black and white, instead of spotlighting the colors.

Should you avoid any subjects? The best advice is to shoot whatever you would shoot in colour and much more, in black and white. You will find things that don’t look very good in black and white, but this will help you decide what looks better.

Good Subjects photography

Keep Your Mind on Contrast, Shape, and Texture

As stated before, monochromatic photography is quite different than everything else, especially if you want to touch people’s soul with your art. If you already practiced colour