Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Tips and Ideas

Weddings are a time when rituals, ceremonies, celebrations, and emotions all run loose. Often, amid this brouhaha, the feeling of being “married” fails to sink in for the couple. This is the reason why more and more couples are opting for pre wedding photography.

These pre wedding photoshoots are not only a great way to cherish precious moments but they also give the ‘to-be-wed’ couple some quality time together. The hours that the couple spends posing and pouting for the camera prepares them for the journey that lies ahead. There is no better way to experience togetherness than making memories that last a lifetime.

With the increasing popularity of pre wedding photography, it is important for it to be done professionally to have the power to bring a couple’s memories to life.

There are many things that can go wrong while doing a pre wedding photoshoot. Here, we will discuss what you must focus on while doing a photoshoot.

Talk It Out

Before starting with the pre wedding photoshoot, it is always good to discuss with the couple their expectations from the photoshoot. Some couples like simplicity while others might want their pre- wedding photoshoot to be larger than life. Also, ask the couple if they have any theme in mind or if they would like to incorporate some important element in the photoshoot like their favorite hangout place etc. This discussion before the pre wedding photoshoot will ensure that you get clarity regarding what the clients want and thus, be successful in meeting their expectations. It is also good to discuss the charges, inclusions and exclusions before finalizing a booking.

The next step after discussing with the couple regarding the kind of photoshoot they want, is to search for good locations. Dramatic shots look great with a heritage structure in the background while candid and natural shots work great in crowded places like parks, malls, etc. As a wedding photography tip, make sure that your client is happy with the location as sometimes camera-shy people might feel uneasy in crowded places and the pictures will not turn out to be good. It is always good to have a list of locations handy along with information regarding its fees (if any), timings and days open. Always brainstorm and be creative, this is one pre wedding shoot idea that will take you a long way.

Using Longer Lens for Better Shots

Another wedding photography tip is a trick every professional photographer would be familiar with as using a longer lens creates beautiful and flattering pictures with a blurred background. With a longer lens, the focus is naturally on the subject and as the photographer does not have to stand close for a shot, it gives the couple a chance to be at ease. Using an 85mm or 200mm lens is best for taking long shots and add a great bokeh effect to the clicks along with putting the focus on the couple.

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Burst Mode for Candid Shots

The best pictures are the ones that are natural. For getting the perfect candid shot, a great tip is to use burst mode shooting. When the camera captures their every moment before and after the pose, the photographer is bound to get that one perfect shot which sees them relax and become their natural selves. But, always remember to adjust the camera’s shutter speed before taking shots in burst mode as this will help avoid any motion blur. Here is one