Best Online Guitar Lessons Websites to Look Out for in 2020

Jan 2020

5 mins read

There’s a diverse range of musical instruments to play, but from time immemorial, the guitar has captured the imagination of generations. People of all ages flock to the best online guitar lessons to express themselves or to entertain family and friends. And thanks to the easy availability of pocket-friendly guitars, becoming a seasoned player at the art is no longer a challenge.

Leaving professional musicians aside, most of us make use of the internet to pick up guitar basics quickly. After all, a simple search for the term “best online guitar lessons” turns up endless YouTube videos where people demonstrate their knowledge of playing the instrument. Though they might have thousands of likes to their credit, it doesn’t mean they’re certified to be teaching people to play the guitar. So if you are going to invest your time and effort into doing something you love, why not do it the right way?

Through this post, we attempt at identifying the best online guitar lessons and lessons to help you become a certified guitar player.

Top 4 Online Guitar Courses

You might have come across many articles suggesting the best online guitar lessons. While some of them are genuine, some aren’t worth your time. How do we know? Because we’ve been in the business of imparting knowledge in various niches for over a decade. We’ve collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, and when it comes to playing the guitar, we offer the best online guitar courses for different stages of learning. And you’d have to agree that being an expert helps!

So here’s a rundown of the best online guitar lessons you can join today:

1. Shaw Academy

With millions of people claiming to have benefited from Shaw Academy’s online guitar lessons, it had to grab the top spot on our list. In terms of price and quality, this is one of the best online guitar lessons out there. 

Shaw Academy offers the chance to earn a Diploma in guitar playing through a modestly priced series of learning modules. Each module is divided into interactive video lessons that are uniformly spread over 8 weeks. This online guitar course starts by helping candidates look into the different styles of music and learn how to speak the language of the guitar. Following a well-researched and established methodology, Shaw Academy makes sure that by the end of the course, each candidate becomes a master of complex chords.

With an “Excellent” rating on Trust Pilot and Level 5 accreditation from the European Qualification Framework Equivalent, this website is probably one of the best online guitar lessons you can find. And do you know what the best part is? From time to time, they give away freebies like certain modules, so you don’t have to invest a penny in learning. 

Don’t believe us? Head over to their website right now and see for yourself.

2. Guitar Tricks

When it comes to the best online guitar lessons, a list without Guitar Tricks would be remiss. This online guitar course has a dedicated fan following ranging in hundreds of thousands all over the planet. And that’s exactly why Guitar Tricks ranks at number two on this list. 

Guitar Tricks offers award-winning online guitar courses in an extremely easy-to-pick-up way. Their prime teaching method involves video lessons from experienced professionals who’ve been playing in genres like jazz, blues, rocks, country, and more. Swearing by a learning technique termed as their Core Learning System, this is one of the best online guitar lessons for beginners to acquire the skill through a well-laid module structure.

If you only want to learn to play a few songs, Guitar Tricks is a flexible option that gives you a list of the most globally popular songs sorted by name, difficulty, and popularity. You can simply pick up the song you like and learn to play it through easy video lessons.

And if you’re not yet ready to invest, you can take their 14-day free trial to try before you buy!

3. TrueFire

Another haven offering the best online guitar lessons is TrueFire. Although it ranks in this list at number three, this position doesn’t do justice to the enormity and variety of lessons that are provided on this website by experts in different genres. The site offers one of the best online guitar lessons with over 40,000 video guitar lessons, divided across more than 800 courses. This online guitar course is well-suited to various stages of learning, from beginners to experts.

Their detailed menu goes a long way in establishing how serious these guys are when it comes to playing the guitar. In this best online guitar lesson, you have courses by styles, topics, and genres. Moreover, you can choose from various learning paths, the opportunity to take private lessons, join the “jam”, and more. But while all that praise is deserved, the online guitar course could do with a bit of better organizing since picking the right course might get confusing and challenging for a beginner. Our advice – read up and research which course, style, and topic you wish to enroll in before starting with lessons on TrueFire.

4. JamPlay

Featuring a substantially large library of over 6000 videos, JamPlay is another good source when it comes to finding the best online guitar lessons. It offers lessons in genres including heavy metal, country, classic rock, and more, and several users of the site have rated it as the best online guitar lesson.

This online guitar course has over 100 professionals that are ready to impart the music knowledge you seek. The structure and feel of the lessons are quite polished, and the site is backed by a lively community that will make you want to revisit over and over again.

To Wrap It Up

Hope this list of the best online guitar courses managed to strike the right chords with you! If you’re in search of deep knowledge in the guitar playing arena, you’ll undoubtedly be able to take away something from it.

The best online guitar lessons may require you to shell out some money, but their detailed and focused lesson plans, as well as a broad range of genres, makes them a worthwhile investment. Make sure you give these best online guitar lessons a chance before heading for free YouTube videos.

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