Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Oct 2019

3 mins read

Affiliate marketing has been a buzz word in the industry for quite some time. Bloggers & influencers have been affiliated with brands to help them market their products, whilst earning money for doing so. Doesn’t this sound like a very lucrative thing to do? If yes, then read on more to learn about affiliate marketing & how you can make money becoming one. If you are a beginner looking to foray into affiliate marketing, then understanding the basics is really important. In this article, we walk you through all that you need to know about affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an associate earns a small fee/commission for publicizing another person’s or company’s products/services. To do this, an affiliate can find products they enjoy, promote them via various channels & earn a piece of profit from every sale made. The tracking of sales happens using the affiliate links from one website to another.

But how does affiliate marketing work?****

While marketing products with the help of associates/affiliates, the responsibility of the sales is shared among many peoples. It also diversifies the marketing portfolio helping reach out to various segments of audiences, & utilizing the abilities of a variety of individuals. This helps to build a more effective marketing strategy while ensuring that the associates/affiliates are paid their share of the profits. The process involves the product creator, affiliate & consumer, who are bounded by the product.

5 steps to become an affiliate marketer– While the whole process sounds lucrative, becoming an affiliate marketer is not as easy as it looks & sounds. Building a brand & an image for yourself takes time, but you can take precise actions & reach your goals faster. So follow these steps & set your affiliate commission.

(1) Choose your segment: Understanding the niche to cater to, is one of the most important things if you are planning to become an affiliate marketer. Choose something that you would be passionate about, so of course, you have some knowledge about it. Having a niche can make the site enhance its SEO, which increases the authority of the website.

(2) Create a Website: Put your research into action on the website. Find a domain name, a web hosting service, a content management system, a theme and just start writing your content for the world. Make sure that your content is unique, reliable, interesting, & of high-quality. You could write product reviews, address some social concerns, cover informational products or services or just about anything!

(3) Create an Audience: Not much use of your blog is you don’t have a loyal audience. Make sure you reach out to the masses and generate consistent web traffic. Ensuring this will lead to consistent sales. Optimize your website by learning SEO & start making money!

How would you get paid in affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketers usually get paid the following ways:

  1. Pay on every sale where the merchant pays the associate a percentage of the product’s price.
  2. Pay on every lead where the merchant pays the affiliate on the conversion of leads.
  3. Pay on every click where the merchant pays the affiliate to increase the website traffic.

Now that you have learned the ins & outs of affiliate marketing, it’s time to get picking on your domain & reaching out to the audiences. Once you have built that rapport with people, you will soon be approached by brands & merchants to promote them. Go steady in this journey to ensure higher returns, & stay true to what you stand for. All the best on this roller coaster ride!

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