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A Guide to Some of the Popular Wedding Cinematography Ideas

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event, at least for most people. It’s a time that everyone cherishes for the rest of their lives, and that is one of the reasons why a lot of people invest so much money in hiring wedding cinematographers for high-quality cinematography videography. The pomp and show that centre around the union of two individuals, while treasured by them, also makes for the perfect opportunity for cinematographers to try out new and creative techniques in their wedding cinematography.


With the advancements in video technology and equipment, cinematographers have tried their hands at numerous techniques, which have become extremely popular. Wedding cinematography has come far beyond the days when one would stand behind a camera that would be kept rolling all day. Today, wedding cinematography is all about telling stories, and the more creatively they’re told, the more they make a special place for themselves in the couple’s memories. Throughout this article, some of the ideas that can help make your wedding videos that much more memorable are talked about elaborately.

Same Day Video Snippets

Often, families have to wait for at least a week, or sometimes even a longer till they get to watch their wedding videos. This wait can be torturous at times, but same-day edits are an excellent wedding cinematography solution for you get a glimpse into your own wedding. Just as the name suggests, the wedding cinematographer will record snippets during the marriage ceremony and put together a small video that will play during the reception. This is an excellent wedding cinematography idea for couples to look back on their happy day. This little clip will be something you can keep going back to, to refresh the memories and keep reliving them. 

Cinematic Wedding Videos

We often look at weddings in movies and TV shows, hoping that we can record memories just as gorgeous on our wedding day. This cinematic style is something that you can ask your wedding photographer to incorporate into their wedding cinematography. Unusual cuts, a mix of black and white and splashes of colour here and there, when put together thoughtfully, can result in a video that is nothing short of the kind we watch in movies.  

Wedding Music Videos

The wedding cinematography idea of wedding music videos has found a fair bit of popularity in recent years. It is a remarkable technique to make your wedding video a lot more personal than you otherwise might be able to. It’ll also be a refreshing twist on the more common productions that we have come to see. However, you’ll need to get over your inhibitions to request a video of this sort, but once you go through with it, you’ll realise that this is one of the best wedding cinematography techniques. It can help to get as many guests as possible into your video, especially since they’re a cherished part of the event. 

Movie Inspired ‘Save the Date’ Videos

Often, the idea of what we’d like our wedding to be like comes from the movies we watch. In them, we might find specific alluring themes that we’d like to incorporate in our wedding cinematography. Movie themes can work brilliantly with ‘save the date’ videos. Unlike the actual recording of weddings, ‘save the date’ videos can be staged, and this method of wedding cinematography sets the perfect foundation to set everything based on your favourite movie’s theme. 

Stop Motion ‘Save the Date’ Videos

Just like movie-inspired ‘save the date’ videos, stop motion ones give you the flexibility to be able to treat them just the way you want. They’re also a great wedding cinematography option for someone who’s camera shy and doesn’t want to be taking up the limelight. This theme for wedding cinematography techniques for ‘Save the Date’ videos is one of the more popular ones.

Interviewing Guests at the Wedding

Aside from a wedding video capturing the various moments, interviews with the guests, such as the immediate family, relatives, and even friends of the couple, make for a more personal approach to wedding cinematography. It’s one of the best things to gift yourself on your wedding day, as it will always be a constant reminder of how happy everyone was and that they got to share your happiness with you.

Documentary Style Wedding Videos

This style is yet another creative way of making your wedding video a lot more memorable. Documentary-style wedding cinematography gives you the option of using artistic angles, aside from capturing critical moments as they happened, such as the bride’s entrance, father’s and mother’s toast, and so on. Looking back at such a wedding video will take you right back to that moment as it happened, bringing your memories to life. 

Photo Booth Reels

A photo booth set-up at your wedding can be an excellent way for your guests and yourself to go crazy with poses, without being conscious. Photo booths especially come to life when people truly let go of inhibitions and start enjoying themselves. At the end of it all, putting all the pictures together and making a motion picture out of it will make for a very entertaining trip down memory lane. It makes for an extremely lively method of wedding cinematography.

Weddings are events that deserve to be captured in the form of pictures and also as a film. One realises the value of being able to recall moments on video, the happiness on everyone’s faces, and the joy of all the memories being etched together, in retrospect. Wedding cinematography has justifiably become crucial to weddings these days. Hiring the right wedding cinematographer after having reviewed their previous work makes a world of difference in the final output. 

If you want to help people save memories from the most cherished day of their lives, you can opt to learn cinematography online. Shaw Academy offers one of the best wedding cinematography courses you can find online. It will assist you in getting an in-depth understanding of wedding cinematography.

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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

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