9 Great Reasons To Supplement With Fish Oil

If you’ve been doing any reading about how to improve your health, fish oil has likely made an appearance. Fish oil is one of the absolute best supplements that you could be using – and for good reason. Fish oil is going to provide you with a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which most people simply aren’t getting enough of in their daily diet. As this is an essential fatty acid, meaning you cannot manufacture it on your own, you must take it in from external sources. To see why this is one product that you must consider, read on and get to know some of the powerful benefits fish oil has to offer.

1. Reduced Inflammatory Pain


Suffer from debilitating joint pain? If you are an arthritis sufferer, or perhaps you just have some nagging pains that never let up, fish oil could help. This type of fat is powerful against stopping inflammation in the body, which is at the root cause of much of this pain. Supplement daily and soon, you’ll be seeing noticeable improvements.

2. Reduced Risk Of Air Pollution Effects

Air pollution, whether you like it or not, is everywhere. It’s nearly impossible to protect yourself from air pollution by avoiding it as even in your own home there can be pollutants that are potentially harming you.

Fortunately, by using fish oil, you can undo some of the damage. Fish oil helps to protect you against some of the unwanted effects of pollution on your heart and bodily systems. For those who happen to reside in highly populated (and therefore, in most cases polluted areas), consider a fish oil supplement a must-have.

3. Lowered Risk Of Diabetes

Diabetes is on the rise right now in today’s society and unless you want to suffer yourself, you need to be taking steps to protect against this. While managing your body weight is one of the best ways to stay diabetes-free, it’s important to note that even thin people can suffer if their diet isn’t up to par.

Fish oil helps reverse this. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil will help boost insulin sensitivity, which is precisely opposite of what’s going on in those with diabetes (insulin resistance). The more sensitive you are to insulin, the better your body will be able to handle any of the carbohydrates that you consume, lowering your chances of experiencing sky-high blood sugar levels. This in turn could also help control your body weight better, giving you yet another powerful benefit.

4. A Better Chance At Six Pack Abs

muscular female belly and tape measure

Okay, so maybe taking fish oil won’t cause you to become ripped overnight, but it could just give you a leg up if your goal is to get flat, firm abs. Those who supplement with fish oil tend to have a better level of fat oxidation capacity, meaning they are more prone to utilizing fat as a fuel source. They also have the increased insulin sensitivity that we just noted, which also helps them make better use of the carbohydrates they eat as energy, rather than converting them directly into body fat stores.

Do keep in mind however that fish oil supplements themselves contain calories – typically around 9 per capsule (assuming 1 gram capsules), so you do need to account for these in your daily diet. If you suddenly start taking 10 capsules per day and do nothing different, this could actually lead to weight gain, rather than loss. Be smart with how you add them to your day.