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7 Ways to Make Your Physical Activity Enjoyable

You will not enjoy your work until and unless you have the passion for it. Likewise, while working out if you don’t have the passion for it, you are likely to give up very soon. Motivation is one factor that can keep you going, however, it is important that you have fun whether you are working out or doing your household chores, which also qualifies as physical activity. If you do something that you enjoy and involve someone else with you, you are more likely to continue with it. The results? Well, it will be almost guaranteed!

It is very important to make your exercise fun and if you think you need a kick in the right direction, here are some tips that can help you make your physical activity enjoyable:

Pair it with music:

Music can always pep you up no matter where you are; whether you are exercising outdoors or at the gym. Studies suggest that tuning in to your favourite music can make you forget your exertion; thus motivating you to continue. A good beat can also increase your pace and effort. Post-work too, music can help you recover faster, both physically and mentally. So, if music be the food of your life, play on!

Play a sport you love:


You should always stick to doing what you love to get maximum results. You can do anything you love; it doesn’t have to be a sport altogether. It can be walking instead of working out in a gym; or swimming instead of walking; or yoga instead of aerobics. Or if you love the outdoors more than the gym, take advantage of your beautiful surroundings and explore. Opt for whatever you love and make it a regular activity.

Get outdoors:

Try and move away from gyms now and then. Get some fresh air by going out and enjoying your surroundings. If you have access to mountains or other outdoor areas, it’s a great idea to get outdoors. You will definitely feel refreshed if you are constantly holed up in the office or at home. However, if you are living in the city, it might be difficult, but you can always look out for parks or other green zones, where you can get some fresh air.

Walk the dog:

Walk the dog

Research reveals that if you have a dog, you are more likely to get more exercise than someone else who has a gym membership. What else? Dogs are your constant companions, they will never fail you. So, walking your dog is not only a good way to add to your physical activity, but also a strong way to make it a regular programme. Remember, dog walking is a great way to kick start a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise with a friend:

Agreeing with your friend to walk for an hour every day, is a great way to push yourself. If you are trying to walk alone, there might be days when you don’t feel like it and you will end up lazing around. However, if you have a walking buddy and if you fail your friend, you will feel guilty about it. So, this is a good way to motivate yourself to put on your sneakers and accompany your exercise buddy.

Challenge yourself:

Challenge yourself


Nobody does anything if it’s too easy. So, why don’t you challenge yourself and sign up for a 5 km race? This will be something to work towards and this will also keep you going. Set yourself a goal; be realistic and do something that suits you. After the 5 km race, you can even sign up for something bigger and train yourself for the event. This way you will have a lot of activity to keep you challenged and motivated.

Join an exercise club or a dance class:

The clubs are great because you get to workout with like-minded people. There’s something about working out with other people that keeps you going a bit longer than if you are doing it all by yourself. Working out in groups is also a lot more fun as you share a camaraderie with other members. You get to make friends and keep each other motivated when the going gets tough.

Last but not the least, if you are having fun while doing your physical activity, you will also not mind putting in some hard work. This will definitely give you better results.

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Updated: Feb 22, 2016

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