7 Time Management Tips: A Smarter Way to Work

Mar 2016

3 mins read

If we wish to enhance our productivity at work, it is imperative that we explore innovative or efficient ways to execute tasks or eliminate the redundant phases. The adage, “Work Smarter, Not Harder”, sums up how our strong time management skills can allow us to achieve the right workload balance.

We often come across people who are multi-tasking through the day. It makes us wonder “How do they manage so much in a single day?” Apparently, they are more likely to follow a proper time schedule.

Time management isn’t about squeezing multiple tasks into a single day. It is about simplifying the way we work, executing tasks faster and eliminating stress elements. There are really enough hours in a day to do everything we like. We just need an organised approach to find those hours.

Here’s a list of some tips that could help you refine your own practices.

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Prioritise your tasks

Prioritisation of tasks is the golden rule of time management. All of us would agree that multi-tasking roles require proper dedication and focus. Hence, it is essential that we rank our daily tasks based on their nature – critical or trivial – as well as time deadlines.

This way we can ensure that we finish the critical tasks within the first half and focus the remaining of the day for the rest of the activities. This approach will never put us in a last-minute rush.


Be assertive and say ‘No’

Setting-up time deadline for each task can help us manage various engagements across the day. We can accordingly make deadline commitments to the relevant stakeholders.

However, it is crucial that we don’t overcommit things. At some point, we need to learn to decline opportunities. Take in only those commitments that you are confident about and can fulfil on time.

Focus on the task at hand

Distraction at work is a serious hazard. Many employees tend to while away time without realisation. The reason being that they are mostly surfing through the internet, accessing their social media accounts or checking their smartphone messages.

Make sure that you are free of such distractions. Close all other browser windows, find a quiet place to work or listen to some music if that helps. Concentrate on one task at a time.

Start early

It is human nature to procrastinate. However, it could be more stressful to execute critical tasks when you are in a rush to wind up your day. Instead, start planning early and execute it. It isn’t that difficult if you decide on completing your tasks at hand.

Develop organising systems


Being organised saves a lot of time. Streamline your work by creating the right folders or spreadsheets. This would ensure that you don’t waste your time looking for files or critical documents when you need them.

Plan ahead

The key to success in time management is to plan before you execute. Take some time out and plan your week ahead. Make a list of all critical projects and tasks you need or want to accomplish. This would ensure a smooth workflow across the week.

Take out time for emails

Set aside specific times for checking your email, such as beginning of the day, right before and after lunch, and at the end of the day. Checking emails frequently can distract you from your high-priority task.

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