7 Delicious Ways To Add Fiber To Your Diet

Getting enough dietary fiber into your meal plan is important for keeping your hunger in check, for helping regulate your blood glucose levels, and for helping to promote optimal digestive health. Those with diets rich in dietary fiber also tend to show lower overall cholesterol levels, improving their heart health and reducing their risk of heart disease and stroke. Finally, fiber rich foods are typically also nutrient dense foods because it means they have not been heavily processed. The end result is that if you track fiber and get your intake up higher, you can feel confident you’re eating well.

At times, it may feel like a struggle to get sufficient fiber into your plan. With a little creativity however, you can bring your intake up without an issue. Women should be aiming for around 25 grams of fiber per day while men can shoot for 30 grams thanks to their slightly higher total daily calorie intake. Let’s show you how quick and simple it is to meet these requirements.

Bran FlakesSprinkle Bran Flakes On Yogurt

Yogurt can make for a great midday snack that’ll provide you with a great dose of both protein as well as calcium. This said, it’s relatively low in total carb content (provided you are buying plain yogurt, not sugar-laden varieties). To bring up those carbs and make this snack more energising, try adding a few bran flakes to that bowl. Bran flakes are a fast and easy way to boost your overall daily fiber intake and will add a bit of crunch to this snack.

Per one third cup serving, bran flakes will provide a whopping 13 grams of dietary fiber for only 75 calories overall. This makes them ideal for boosting your intake without risking fat gain. Add a few fresh berries to this dish and you’ll be all set.

Ground FlaxTop Oatmeal With Ground Flax

Oatmeal is a great way to start your day and is actually quite high in fiber itself, so by simply selecting it, you’re already doing an excellent job at boosting your dietary fiber intake. That said, you can take things one step further. Sprinkle on top of your oatmeal some ground up flaxseeds. This will bring more fiber into the picture, while also adding some healthy fats to the breakfast bowl – more specifically omega-3 fatty acids. As most people are not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids, this is a fast and easy way to nourish your body with the health boosting benefits this fat brings you. Per two and a half tablespoon serving, you’ll take in 4 grams of heart-health dietary fiber along with 6 grams of fat. They will also add a good dose of protein to your day as well, supplying you with four grams per serving.

Apple With Nut ButterSnack On An Apple With Nut Butter

An apple is a perfect way to satisfy your craving for something sweet while giving you a crunchy texture you’ll love. Apples contain a hearty dose of a specific dietary fiber type called pectin, which can serve to help regulate your appetite extremely well. Those who snack on an apple between meals tend to consume fewer calories at their next meal, so this can be a perfect choice for optimal weight control.

To help balance out the carbs found in that apple, smear a tablespoon or so of peanut butter over top. The peanut butter will bring some additional fiber into the picture, while also adding some protein and healthy fats to create this well-balanced snack you can take on the go.

Hummus With Raw VegetablesServe Hummus With Raw Vegetables

Whipping up some home-made hummus to serve with raw fresh vegetables is another great way to bring your total dietar