7 Best Makeup Looks for 2020

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Another turn of the calendar, another new year, another outpouring of new and exciting trends. There will be a lot to explore for those looking to give the whole ‘New Year-New Me’ policy a go again. While keeping up with fashion trends can burn a sizeable hole in the pocket and mindlessly trying new haircuts come with a risk of backfiring, trending makeup looks are always a bankable choice for revamping your avatar without making any long-term commitments. Besides, exploring new makeup ideas and checking out makeup tutorials to master a new style is fun. 

If you have been looking for inspiration, here are the 7 best makeup looks for 2020 to turn to: 

1. Bright Mascaras

Maximalist, bold, out there – if that’s your sense of style, this is definitely one of the makeup looks you’ll love. 2020 is going to be all about ditching the monotonous black mascara in favour of coloured tints on the eyelashes. From bright pink to emerald green and deep blue, take a free run at the choice of colour and wear it with heaps of confidence. This is undoubtedly one of the freshest, no-holds-barred makeup ideas seen in a long time. Do make sure that you follow the right eye makeup tips to pull this off, as it can go from jaw-dropping hot to clown-like very easily. 

2. Neon Is Here to Stay

Neon has made a big splash in the realm of makeup looks this past year, and turns out these bold, eclectic colours are here to stay. From neon nails to lips and eyes, we have witnessed that all-encompassing obsession with these hues taking over Instagram and Pinterest feeds. This year, a minimalistic twist on neons seems to be the trending makeup idea. For example, one of the eye makeup tips is to restrict neon to the inner corners instead of sweeping it all over your eyelids. For nails, use it only on the tips of instead of a solid, overall look. 

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3. Painting It Blue

As far as makeup ideas and inspiration go, makeup artists and manufacturers are leaning in favour of blues. This is the one colour that is expected to dominate makeup looks in 2020. From your favourite celebrities to social media influencers and that style-crazy friend, you’ll be seeing a lot of people sport pops of blue in their looks. And no, it’s not the deep, royal blue we’re talking about, but softer hues that are suggestive of tranquillity, peace, or the sight of the sky at dusk. If you look up makeup tutorials around this trend, you’ll notice that the key is to use it unexpectedly and subtly to create that oomph factor without appearing too out there. For instance, one of the hottest eye makeup tips is to build a sharp blue cat-eye juxtaposed with minimal, nude makeup, or even as an eyeliner or nail colour. 

4. Blurred Lips Effect

Lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss… The past year’s makeup looks really focussed on accentuating the lips. The trends suggest that this year will mark a clear break away from that and toward a unique, blurred effect. The look does not compromise on the colourfulness of lips done up with the matte effect – a massive hit in 2019. Instead, this makeup look makes it more wearable. To get this look, you first directly apply the lipstick on the centre of your lips and then use a brush to fade it outward. This process needs to be repeated until you reach the edge, where you use a fine Q-tip to fade out the lip colour evenly. We suggest you watch a makeup tutorial to get this one absolutely on-point.

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5. Hot Pink Lips

Move over bold reds – 2020 is going to be all about hot pink lips. If you’re looking for a go-to look to pick out from all the raging makeup ideas floating on the internet, make it this one. The colour pink enjoys a more generalised appeal and acceptance than reds, something even a minimalist may not shy away from. It is, however, one of those makeup looks where the choice of shade makes all the difference. We suggest you settle for a hot pink that comes with blue undertones in a matte finish instead of creamy or glossy. 

6. The Watercolour Effect 

The watercolour effect on the eyes is probably the most soothing and stunning of the makeup looks you’ll see trending this year. Moreover, it is one of the simplest that you can pull off without having to follow extensive eye makeup tips or tutorials. Just pick a soft pastel hue of your liking, preferably from a wet eyeshadow palette, and sweep it all over your eyelids, corners and also the under-eye area. The only thing you need to be careful of is the amount of eyeshadow you use. It is imperative to keep the pigmentation extremely delicate and not outright opaque. If you’re feeling experimental, you can also mix and blend a combination of colours – using a different one for the inner corner, the centre of the lids, and the outer area – just as long as you have the necessary skill to pull it off. If done right, this look can add a playful, soft and dreamy vibe to your personality. 

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7. Pink Blush 

Going by this year’s makeup looks and trends, it may be time to put your peach and bronze blushes aside and take a detour to pinks. Yes, you heard it right! The classic pink blush is making a comeback in 2020 but in a glowing avatar. And it’s not just limited to your cheekbones! The blush goes all the way to the temples and under the brow bones. It is basically about creating a flush look with a dazzling twist. 

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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

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