6 healthy breakfast options that are easy to make


Are you the one rushing out of the door in the morning without eating anything …

If yes, it turns out you are doing wrong!!

In past years, more and more scientific discoveries and researches have revealed the importance of breakfast on health. Breakfast – The first meal in the morning has a distinctive role for the entire day. Food consumed during breakfast not only helps in the glucose metabolism, but it also keeps a check on blood sugar level in your body. The meal you consume during breakfast helps in breaking the fast from last night dinner to the next morning. This is the only meal which breaks the longest gap of food consumption. Prolonged fasting may lead to food craving and you will fill yourself more than required to satisfy your hunger. This excess food intake later results in the sudden rise of blood glucose level, and can lead to serious health problems.

Knowing the importance of breakfast meal is essential, for a healthy beginning of the day. Nutrition experts say, the practice of consuming breakfast within 2 hours of waking up is best. It helps you feel good and makes you refreshed entire day. It also keeps the sugar level in control and let the glucose pass into the cells for generation of energy, the energy produced is required by our body to carry on various functions.


Now, since you all know the importance of breakfast, try to add a wholesome bowl of nutrients for your morning bite. Remember your breakfast meal should combine good carbs, good fibres with the addition of some proteins.

After knowing the importance of breakfast meal, the main question popping up in every brain right now is…



Well, here is a list of food you can have in the morning for a well-nourished beginning of the day.

1) Whole wheat bread Consumption of carbohydrate is important, but the type of carbohydrate you are eating plays a major role in the diet. Whole grains are best for health. Consuming bread made of whole wheat is beneficial for your body. There are a variety of other breakfast cereals available in the market made up of whole grain like muffins, crackers, toast, rusk etc. try to add them in your breakfast. They are healthy as well as providing bulk in the diet.

2) Eggs- They are filled with protein. Recent studies have shown that eggs do not contribute in elevating the cholesterol level, rather the protein present in it holds high biological value. Have it them boiled or make an omelette or a half fry with some added vegetables, eggs are good in all ways. Poached egg with stir fry vegetables is one best breakfast recipe.

3) Milk- You all must have heard about the saying Milk is a complete food, milk not only gives you calcium, but it also p