6 Effective Tactics to Improve Your Online Brand Mentions

Online marketing has become increasingly important in the world of business. Search engine optimization, as it was originally understood in the earlier days of the internet, focused on websites with high levels of authority linking to your own website in order to build your own authority in turn. However, as the Internet continues to develop and search algorithms become much more advanced, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that these traditional approaches are no longer as effective as they once were.

Instead, a new standard is taking place, where a link to your own site is much less important than it used to be. Now, the building of an online reputation is becoming much more focused on a mention of a particular brand – something that is positioned to reflect the more mobile-friendly nature of the Internet as more people do their Web browsing on tablets and smart phones. In the emerging world of online brand mentions, it requires a completely different approach to build the authority of a brand. Here are six highly effective tactics to improving your own company’s online brand mentions.

Increase Your Presence on Social Media

Increase Your Presence on Social MediaThe number one location for brand mentions has quickly become social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others are the home of nearly limitless digital interactions, with individuals discussing, referencing, and commenting on your brand name. Increasing the exposure of your own brand name will increase the chances of individuals mentioning your brand in their posts on these individual platforms.

New developments in this realm, such as Twitter and Google forging partnerships, are a testament to how much social activity and brand mentions are becoming inextricably linked. A strong social media presence will encourage additional mentions, and this will soon reward you with increased traffic as a result of these increased partnerships. Additional social media platforms are likely to follow in these footsteps; while not necessarily to the same extent or with the same partners, social media platforms such as Facebook – already a powerful force to be reckoned with – have already begun to implement new features that reward original content over simple third-party links.

Building your own Personal Brand.

Building your own Personal BrandBusinesses are not created in a vacuum. They’re the results of hard, often tireless work of business owners, their workers and, to a lesser extent, loyal fans and customers. The most important role you can play as a founder of a company is to have a strong personal brand that can then be associated with the brand of your business in turn.

Increasing your individual authority – whether as a marketer, an entrepreneur, or simply as a person – acts as a tool to base the growth of your company brand around this activity. The reach of your brand will increase significantly if you “name drop” the brand in settings such as offline mentions, guest blogs you write for other outfits, and your own personal blog as well. Meanwhile, growing your personal brand can also be done by mentioning it in the context of your business brand – one feeds into the other, which in turn provides opportunities to feed it back to the original in the future. This means that time spent growing one brand will benefit the other and vice versa.

Spend Time Outside the Internet

Spend Time Outside the InternetWhile it might not be as directly influential as blogging when it comes to the building of your business brand, many experts still recommend spending time outside the Internet. One of the best ways to accomplish this brand building offline would be personal appearances at conferences. Attendees at these conferences will often provide additional information about them on digital platforms, either through their own personal or business blogs or through social media mentions on Twitter or Facebook. The results are that your brand mentions have the potential to increase from several sources all at once, making it an efficient use of your time and energy.

Additionally, speaking at offline events not only holds the capacity to build your business brand but your own personal brand as well. As detai