6 Best Web Development Courses for Beginners

Dec 2019

4 mins read

Web Development Introduction

A strong online presence is imperative for any business today, and even the most traditional of businesses have embraced the digital world to gain the various benefits it provides. Given the popularity of businesses and organizations that have a digital presence and the huge percentage of users using the internet every day to find answers to their queries, the job of a web developer is in top demand. 

If coding and building amazing looking websites is something you are interested in, there are innumerable web development courses online and comprehensive guides to help you understand the basics of the trade. Unlike other coding languages that take years of training, web development is easy, and with some practice can make you a professional.  

Here are a few popular and free web development courses for aspiring web developers that include Python, JavaScript, HTML, and other basics to get you started:

LinkedIn Learning

Recommended For: Courses for learners in every stage

If you are looking to learn new skill-sets and add more value to your professional profile, LinkedIn Learning is the best option for you. The portal has 500+ web development courses with teachers and trainers from around the globe, with free courses on PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other frameworks to help you master web development training. LinkedIn Learning (previously Lynda.com), is offering some free access courses while you can subscribe to the platform to view more in-depth web development courses.

LinkedIn Learning is great not just as it adds great credibility instantly to your LinkedIn profile but also because the courses are standardized, follow a set pattern and offer access to multiple experts who have crafted web development courses to help students of various expertise.

Get a Professional Coding Certification

Khan Academy

Recommended For: Courses for learners in every stage

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization that has great courses and online lessons on almost any topic. For those wanting to try their hands at various web development courses, Khan Academy has a variety of courses that cover computer programming and web design. The self-guided tutorials are great for learning the basics while the full-fledged web development courses will also provide audio and video guidance from experts with interactive on-screen windows to show code and output during narration.

The free web development courses are great for beginners and those with expertise in web development, with access to innumerable materials that can be used to reference as and when required. 


Recommended for: Mid-level and serious web developers who have good knowledge of coding 

Codecademy is a great place for coders and developers as it offers self-guided tutorials for beginners to learn the basics of coding. Their web development course offers an in-browser, self-contained development environment that is perfect for experimenting and practicing your web designing course learning. The courses will help you master languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and prepare you to build basic websites and interactive web apps.

For more in-depth course materials, Codecademy offers a Pro pack that is paid while the platform also offers teams account wherein your entire team could take different courses and get unlimited access at a good discount.

Mozilla Developer Network

Recommended For: Mid-level, Amateurs who have a sound knowledge of web development

If Mozilla Developer Network doesn’t ring a bell, you are most probably stuck with Internet Explorer. The team behind the most popular web browser, Firefox, also has an incredible resource for helping coders and beginners explore various web development courses. The resources, articles, and tutorials are perfect for brushing up the basics and gaining an understanding of web development in no set pattern, meaning students can pick and choose what to learn. Although this is different from other web development courses, the range of topics and resources are ample for any beginner or serious learner. The ability to pick and choose also provides an opportunity for those who want to learn particular topics and do not wish to go through the entire course step by step. 

It is a useful tool to add to your learning, even if you are a web developer looking to brush up and gain access to additional resources to master the field.

Web Fundamentals By Google

Recommended For: Beginners, Mid-level developers seeking resources to enhance their skills

Another great tool to add value to your web development courses is Web Fundamentals by Google which offers incredible tools to understand the fundamentals and principles of the web. The training and case studies are all interlinked, making learning easy and intuitive.

The lecture series explores HTTP, HTML, web crawling, CSS, PHP, cookies, sessions and many other topics that are great for adding value to a web development course. The guided tutorials and additional guides along with access to various tools like Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, Workbox and more make it a truly hands-on web development course.

Get a Professional Coding Certification

Shaw Academy Diploma In Web Development

Recommended For: Beginners, Mid-level Web Developers who are seeking a complete program with certification.

Although there are innumerable web development courses out there for online or offline learning, serious learners should opt for an all-around course that will not just help them with the basics but also add credibility to their job profile. Most web development courses or free online tools will teach you the fundamentals and a few aspects of web development training. The best web development courses, however, will cover not just the basics but also teach its implementation with case studies.

For a more in-depth and complete web development course, explore the diploma in web development to learn from experts. The web development course by Shaw Academy will take learners through various web development and technologies to build websites and web applications. In the 4-week long web development course, learners get eight interactive lessons that’ll take you from the basics of the web, front-end and back-end development, website development and web applications and full-stack skill-sets. A big advantage of this course is that students get to learn not just how to build and maintain websites, but also get an overview of SEO, inbound marketing and revenue generation; making it truly unique and a complete web development course.

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