5 Ways To Monetise Your Website & Make Big Moolah

Oct 2019

3 mins read

Making money from site monetisation isn’t a myth, it is doable by anyone. In fact, one of the major sources of income for a lot of bloggers is the content they put up on their website & the amazing publicity they do by advertising it. In this age & time, a lot of people have turned their part-time hobby blog or website into an income-generating asset. In this article, we tell you the best ways to make moolah from your website, so that you can turn your passion into your profession.

  • Ad Networks: Common ad networks like Google AdSense, AdThrive, MediaVine help in generating income when there is high-quality & optimized content on the pages of a website. This can be achieved by careful inclusion of keywords into the written text, which helps Google determine what ads to serve to your site. It is important to match the topic(s) of your website/ content to the ads to ensure high profits. Make sure you publish information-rich, SEO friendly articles to monetise website using ad network.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is when you help a brand/website generate a sale of their product/service. This is done by monitoring a user’s movement on the internet. Once a sale is made, there is a commission paid on every purchase done. High traffic websites can earn up to INR 3,00,000 a month with a good network of brands they affiliate with. Make sure you have high traffic in order to monetise website the most from affiliate marketing.

  • Sell ad space: While one way is to have ads via a third party like google ads, another way could be to sell your website’s ad spaces directly to brands. When you directly sell advertising space to media buyers, you end up getting all the money without giving any commission to the third party. You can achieve this by directly getting in touch with the brands & negotiating on the prices.

  • Use your website as a portfolio to get projects: When you have expertise in a particular subject, using your website as a portfolio is a good way to monetise it. Doing this can help you gather projects from clients to utilize your specialization. You could also collaborate with people & form paid partnerships in associations with brands to monetise website using their expertise.

  • Charge money for sponsored posts: Sponsored posts are one of the easiest ways for a brand to get recognition. If you have a loyal following for your content & heavy traffic to support it, then this method works the best to monetise the website. Brands will start approaching you, or you can reach out to them and show the traffic & value that a post on your website will bring. You could create a media kit telling publishers important facts about your blog audience to help sell easier.

Bonus tip: Do product reviews

It can become super easy to monetise website when you start doing product reviews. In fact, a lot of bloggers focus only on product reviews & the complete content of the website revolves around it. All you have to do is choose products that fit your brand’s theme & audience’s interests, and start sharing your experiences with it. You will be approached by companies to do paid promotions of their products through your product reviews.

You could do a mix of these strategies in order to maximize the revenue that you can generate from site monetisation. Tell us which method(s) worked the best for you, and what more can be done in order to make moolah off your website!

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