5 Tips To Create Rich Media Content Online

Oct 2019

3 mins read

There is a plethora of information available online for every possible thing. And if you are a marketer, then you would understand the importance of having rich content on your platforms. Any form of engaging content should already be incorporated into your marketing strategy. After all, rich media has become the latest buzzword in marketing circles. Let’s understand what rich media is, and why you should be on top of it!

What is Rich Media/Rich Content?

Rich media is a digital advertising term for an advertising piece that includes features to interact & engage with the content. Apart from the basic features like copy and image, some advanced features like video, audio, or other elements help capture the attention of the audience.

Rich media ads find ways to involve an audience with the advertisement. Features like expand, float options in ads can draw the attention of users and help improve metrics like the number of clicks, redirects, completion of interaction, etc. With the help of these statistics, marketers are able to understand the success or failure of their advertisements.

Different types of Rich Media

A Media Rich content post is a piece of information shared to users which has more than 1 element within the copy. It could include:

  1. Copy
  2. Images
  3. Video
  4. Social Media Embeds
  5. Animations/GIFs

Most of the content available online that gets viral fast is rich media content. Media-rich posts not only have the right amount of words per post but have one or all of the elements mentioned above.

Tips to create great rich media content

Great media content & media ads are not only a mix of various forms of presentation but also of elements that marketers add to it to make it appealing & rich to the users. Sharing some tried & tested ways to generate rich media content for ads.

  1. A clear & strong call to action for the users
  2. Different engagements for users in different ad panels
  3. Use strong branding with clear & concise communication
  4. Excellent copy and font for a good user experience
  5. Appropriate file size to ensure good performance

Advantages of using rich media

Rich media advertising is an integral part of every organization. While rich content online appeals to the users, it is very favourable for search engines as well. As a marketer, you will be able to make the most ROI from your blog’s marketing activities if you incorporate rich media in your content. So you ask how rich media impacts the ads/content?

  1. Rich media causes higher reader retention. Users usually scroll around if they like the content & delivery & this improves the user experience.
  2. High ranking power on Google. Google is all pro for rich media ads & online content. With a higher ranking, there are increased conversions, more click-throughs & higher views. This will ensure better metrics than traditional ads.
  3. More space for SEO []4with every image, video & back linking!

Implementing the tips we have given above will make you an expert in the art of creating rich media content in the online space. There are many more ways in which you can ace the art and generate publicity! We know you have learned the advantages & will create space for yourself in the digital world by executing these & many more. Get started, and tell us which tip worked the best for you!

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