5 Tips For Effective Brand Logo Design

Oct 2019

3 mins read

A logo is the most important branding of an organization. The type of logo a company has, speaks a lot about the kind of work they do. While a well-developed brand logo can help establish a good rapport with the audience, a wrongly designed one can fail to communicate the business message & harm the company! But before you get started on making a brand logo, here are some amazing tips to help you ace it.

1. Know your brand identity & audience

What does your brand stand for? Do you need to choose between a photography logo or landscaping logos? What kind of audience does your brand cater to? All of these questions need to be answered before you get started on your brand logo design. It is always good to know the brand personality in order to make the logo for the right audiences. What is the tone that the brand wants to set with its customers? Is it a soft one or a hard one? The elements of your logo will depend on the information you gather about the brand.

2. Incorporate the nature of your business

Are you a photography company looking for a logo? Then insert a camera in the logo somewhere, or have a lens around the name of your photography company when designing the logo. Ensure that the colours & images go with the nature of the work. For instance, your photography logo could be black & white or completely multi-coloured showcasing that you capture all colours! If you are looking at landscaping logos, they could be colourful and vibrant. Incorporating colour to logos ensures a high recall of the brand & its logo.

3. Colour-coordinate correctly

Colours not only help define moods in our homes or on our clothes, but they also talk a lot about the message a brand is trying to give. For instance, a red logo shows the aggressiveness of a brand, blue indicates intelligence & togetherness. If you notice, this is how organizations like Zomato, Facebook & Twitter have made their logos. So while choosing your brand logo design, it is necessary to ensure that the colour corresponds to the message you are trying to give.

4. Choose the type of logo

You might think that logos necessarily need to have the brand name, but that is not always true. Landscaping logos or photography logos may use different logo types or even a symbol to keep it neat & clean. But have in mind, that not having your brand name might need you to generate awareness about your brand & more marketing might be needed. For instance, Apple’s brand logo does not have the name Apple in it but is instead represented by a symbol. Such a great way to vary the type of logo amongst other typography logos.

5. Keep It Simple

In a world of super complicated things, having a simple logo will go a long way! A simple logo incorporates only one or two colours, fonts and other elements, making it easy for the user to get the message. Make simplicity the key element of the brief for your brand logo design. Having a confusing & super colourful logo might repel the users from using your products/services & also reduce the recall value. On the other hand, having a super absurd logo might get a lot of attention, but in the wrong ways.

While these are some guidelines to help you make an effective logo, there are many other pointers that you can follow to design your brand identity. But in the end, do remember to make your brand logo simple, because simple designs register easily in the minds of the audience. It also ensures that they don’t have to put in a lot of effort to understand the company & business, thus ensuring a higher recall value. So what are you waiting for? Get started in giving your brand image a life!

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