Blogs Versus Vlogs: What is more effective?

As the digital marketing environment evolves, newer opportunities come in, in terms of scalability, outreach and sustainability. Being performance oriented is always a good step, but focusing on the outcome is even important as it feeds back with what modifications stand in the future for a better approach. Be it business or an individual targeting a fixed scale of online traffic, both of them work hard on the content segment as it is a major part of digital marketing, without which it is impossible to implement any strategy including Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, or link building.

But just content isn’t enough to develop a reputed database of incoming traffic, especially when the content is sourced from blogs or vlogs and is channelized through reputation building networks like social sharing sites and buzzing platforms. Enterprises generate a lot of blog and vlog content on a daily basis which are informational and help the audience with resources to grow knowledge. But this content is of no value if it is not taken by the audience in a positive way, irrespective of how it targets the search engines or in other words how SEO friendly it is.

Mistakes can be a part of any professional in any industry, but learning from mistakes is of high importance. So here are some of the very common mistakes in blog and vlog content that should be avoided on an enterprise level and individual writing.

Straight to the Content Without Research

One of the most common mistakes in blog or vlog content that even professional writers commit while curation is straight away shifting to write-ups without any research on the topic. Even if you are a master in the subject, it is always better to know something more on the topic, as you never know if some parts of your knowledge have been recently updated with dynamic factors. Evidence, data, valuable information and breadth of experience is what people seek in blogs and vlogs so it is vital to go through a process of minor research before you pen down. With patience and perseverance, research is an art and is a major part of blog and vlog content. Research can be a fun element as you get sure that you will be defining something new to the audience including insights and advanced information based on the topic.

Not Focusing on Who The Content is For

Knowledge is a completely different stream and if you are reading this, you are definitely an intellect! But writing for blog is connecting the content well with the reader which will prove to be of importance for the audience. It is necessary to wear the reader’s shoes, as you need to understand what the reader will feel on reading your content or what the audience will gain from the blog post. You need to read the reader’s minds, in fact! So not focusing on who your readers are is a big mistake in blog content. Becoming a student of your reader is the best possible way to enhance writing blog content as only a reader can teach where your mistakes are. Doing research on who your potential readers are based on the topic is a great approach to deal with this problem. Looking forward, one may create personas based on the type of focus audience on the basis of age, sex, interest and the industry as well. Vlog content needs to be attention grabbing and appeal to the audience. You need something quick, snappy, too the point and interesting. It needs to relate to the audience in question.

No Outline of Blog/Vlog Post Before Curating Content

Mistakes in blog and vlog content can be many, but strategically, one cannot make a more devastating mistake than this. All of us used to outline our content before starting on an essay while in high school, and it’s the same. But it is imperative as creating a structure for a blog and vlog post helps focus on the important points and keeps the writer and creator on track without deviating from the topic much. It can be easily done by simply jotting down some of the most important segments you are going to focus in bullet points. Introduction and conclusion prior to outlining is always an advantage which can be refined later. This process of outlining the blog or vlo