22 Actionable Social Media Strategies You Can Implement Today

Social media platforms are some of the most integral components of the marketing plan for any business, large and small. In fact there are a myriad of ways that you can leverage your online presence to increase your visibility and drive the marketing plans for your organization.

However, the Internet is constantly evolving and changing; this means that the tried-and-true social media strategies that you have used in years past or even just a few months ago might not work as effectively as they once did. In order to help companies cope with the constantly shifting landscape of the Internet – and in particular the social media market – here are 22 actionable social media strategies that you can implement immediately in order to begin building your own brand awareness.

**1. Redesign your look


If it’s been some time since you’ve updated the profile pictures on your various social media accounts, be sure to do so immediately. Since followers and fans will be alerted when you change or update the image on your profile, it’s an excellent way to remind them that you’re still active; this can lead to some organic traffic increases from curious individuals to see what your new picture looks like.

You can use tools like Facebook Insights to look back over the last quarter, the last six months, or the last year to see what kind of content has been the most popular. This will give you valuable information on how to approach subsequent content in the future, as you can concentrate on content that has proven popular in the past while avoiding content that was less than awe-inspiring.

3. Increase engagement with your audience

If someone comments on your Facebook page, no matter how inconsequential, be sure to respond to them. Likewise, if you get a mention on Twitter, acknowledge it in some way – even if it’s just favorite that tweet on your marketing account. It will show your followers that you value them and that you don’t just consider them sales leads or prospects.

4. Use content marketing to build your email list

Run a promotion or two where you’re offering a free eBook or something similar in exchange for an email address. This can help you build a more robust funnel that will already be filled with warm leads.targeted advertising programs

5. Think about investing in a short-term or limited run of paid targeted advertising

Platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest have robust targeted advertising programs that can help build your exposure without much cash outlay. Even a few dollars can lead to a good return on investment if it increases your follower count by a significant margin, though there is of course no guarantee that this will lead to any additional conversions.

6. Plan ahead by the quarter

Over the coming three months, ensure that you’ve got social media strategies in place for promoting new products that will be dropping or new services that will be going live. Develop some rough ideas for any promotions you’ll be running to coincide with these scheduled events or anything else you’ve got in the pipeline. Repeat the process every quarter for the best results.

7. Take the pulse of your audience

Feedback, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent, can help you strategise for changes to your marketing plans in the future. Set up a poll on your blog or on your Facebook page and encourage individuals to leave feedback; incentivise it if you have to with exclusive content. While you’re posting other content, end with a question designed to elicit response from your followers as a way to gauge their opinions on particular topics, and then use that knowledge to inform your strategies going forward.

8. Go against the grain

Nothing ventured, nothing gained – and that goes for taking risks by bucking trends or going in the exact opposite direction. Identifying a gap in your particular industry or market – like a podca