12 Ways To Optimise Your E-commerce Sales Funnel

Optimisation is arguably the biggest buzzword for 21st century marketing. Your store needs better branding and webpages take too long to load – nothing is optimised!

But does all that really matter? Yes!

In this article I will tell you why, and provide tips on common optimisation issues most online stores face today.

Homepage Optimisation Issues

1. Website speed (load times) 

Your homepage is where it all begins, or ends if your website doesn’t load fast enough. Amazon found for each 1 second delay in page loading times, they could potentially lose $1.6 billion in sales each year (yes, you read that right!)

The longer a page takes to load, the more likely a consumer is to leave:


Source: Fast Company

Is your ecommerce store firing on all cylinders? Pingdom is a great tool to see how fast your website loads and identify its weaknesses.

 2. No search bar

The Internet is full of ever demanding consumers who are short of time and patience. Not everyone wants to dig through several categories and 100 page lists to find what they are looking for – they want everything now. increased their conversion rate 11% by simply adding a search bar to their site. You ideally want the search bar above the fold and somewhere it can’t be missed.

Good example:

Website speedThe search bar is above the fold and impossible to miss.

Bad example:

Website speed - ExamplePC Specialist has no search bar, the consumer is forced to go through their categories or leave.

3. Lack of offers

Why do consumers shop online? Yes, convenience is a big factor, but price and special offers also matter. We’ve all heard someone tell us of a cracking offer they got online, but rather than focusing on what they bought, they’d rather tell us how much they saved.

Amazon’s homepage is scattered with their best offers, ensuring nobody leaves when they first make contact with their store: