10 Online Courses to Gain Expertise During the Lockdown

Apr 2020

4 mins read

Although life seems to have come to a standstill, the lockdown has a bright side for anyone who has ever thought – I don’t have time to do this right now, maybe later. Well, later is here! If you have a laptop, computer, or mobile phone with internet connectivity, you can still work on your self-improvement and harness your skills by enrolling yourself in some amazing online courses!

Here are some online courses you can look out for!


If you’re someone who wanted to find out if you have photography skills or if you can make a career in photography – there are a ton of online courses and sub courses in the domain.  While there are short online courses, there are also diplomas and online certification courses likeShaw Academy’s Online Photography Course.  The principal aim of such online classes is to go from beginner to professional in a few weeks’ time! 

Online Language Courses 

There are many language courses available for online learning if you are interested in learning a second language. From regional to international languages, there are online courses for every language. You can get a Diploma in English with EQF Level 5 clearance through Shaw Academy.  
This online course will help you operate more confidently in an English speaking environment. 


Finances are integral to your personal life and success, and it only makes sense to do online courses to gain some financial literacy or stability in an unstable time. In simpler words, you will understand how money works. Online courses in finance will help you to make more informed decisions in your life, whether about renting, retiring, or saving! There are multiple Courses In Finance for online learning available at Shaw Academy.

Learning About Health and Wellness 

Whether it’s for your own self-improvement or a step towards a professional career in health and wellness, having a sound understanding of the science behind nutrition, wellness or weight loss is integral for being self-informed and giving advice as an expert. Many institutes provide online courses in health and wellness, which can vary as per your needs or goals. 
Shaw Academy also offers some remarkable Online Certification Courses in Health and Wellness. 


If you’re someone working in management and want to find a new skill or renew your existing skills, online courses in marketing could help you out!
Marketing is a management process that hands a product or service in the hands of a potential customer. Someone who wants to work in marketing needs to have certain skills, and for these very skills, there are a number of online certification courses available. Shaw Academy offers many Marketing Courses from digital marketing to social media marketing. 

Courses in Technology 

Have you always been dead set on learning a new skill in technology, or merely brush up your programming skills, but didn’t have the time? There are many online learning courses offered in technology for free, and some that are paid online certification courses. You don’t need a background in science; there are some online courses that are available for beginners too. These online courses are also excellent for someone who wants to learn web design or development to make their own business go online! Shaw Academy has many such Technology Courses.


In a world dominated by visuals, design is a skill that can never go unrewarded.  From artists to commercial organisations like that in the magazine world, graphic designing, illustration, and Photoshop are vital skills that are always noticed and highly complimented. Getting these skills, or improving them, doesn’t mean you have to necessarily go back to college. Learn these skills through online learning with online certification courses! Shaw Academy offers Design Courses in Graphic Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Web Design

Online Classes in Beauty

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but it’s also in the hands of the person taking care of themselves! Beauty courses aren’t necessarily about skills for commercial purposes, but also to help yourself master a skincare routine amidst this lockdown. Of course, once the lockdown is over, your expertise in the field through this online course will help you take a step towards a career in this fast-paced industry. 
Shaw Academy’s Beauty Course equips you to achieve a variety of salon-quality treatments at your own pace, in the comfort of your home!


In our fast-paced world, what seldom bails us out is art. Music as a form of art is soothing, and if one is highly skilled, one can even make a career out of it – be it through an online channel such as YouTube or online certification courses in music. 
Online courses in music are often in two types: theory-based and practical-based. While some learn to play by listening, some are more engaged through theory. Shaw Academy offers both these types of courses through online learning! The courses offered are Diploma in Guitar and Diploma in Music. 

Skills in Business 

Business is a very demanding profession in terms of time and resources. A businessperson can seldom afford to lose time and the commitment of their employees. This lockdown, then, shouldn’t hinder you, and instead, help you with the necessary skills to take your venture to another level! This is when online courses can come in handy for you. For example, Shaw Academy offers an online course in Leadership and Management – skills extremely crucial in a competitive business environment. The online classes will help you to uncover your own maximum potential in the arena and understand the competencies of your employees and how to motivate them further. 

In Closing

The best part about online learning is that it’s flexible, at your own pace and time, and self-motivated. Furthermore, what is novel about online courses is that they, more often than not, come with accreditation. For instance, Shaw Academy’s online courses are at European Qualification Framework Level 5. This is equivalent to an Associates’s Degree in the USA.

Go on – make the most of the time you have at your hands and stay safe!

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