10 bites to perk-up your late nights

These days, hectic lifestyle has increased complication in the workplace, academics; a plethora of ready- to-eat junk food option have brought about a massive change in people’s eating habits and lifestyle. With a portable laptop and the advent of BYOD (Bring your own device) in today’s corporate culture, more and more people take their work home.  This change in lifestyle results in irregular working hours that stretch late into the night and irregular eating habits.

Normally, late night eating is not considered as a very healthy practice, but if the selection of snacks for late nibble is done intelligently, it can help getting a good night’s sleep. And a good sleep is associated with lot many health benefits.

  • It gives clarity in thoughts
  • Boost reflexes
  • Banishes the dark eye circle
  • Improves mood and makes you emotionally stable
  • It benefits your mind, heart and weight
  • Improves memory

Believe it or not, but whatever you eat before going to bed has a serious impact on your quality of sleep. Research says that eating foods high in saturated fat and low in fibre may lead to reduced duration of sleep, which later affects the physical and mental energy.

To help you catch up that healthy sleep, and for your healthy eating practice, we’ve listed a whole group of snacks that you should eat before getting between the sheets for a sound sleep.

  1. **Bowl of the Greek yogurt, pomegranate mix –
    ** The stimulating tart flavor and the abundance of antioxidants present in pomegranate make it’s a nutrition rich fruit. Half bowl of Greek yogurt mixed with a hand full of pomegranate can be one healthy choice to neutralize your late night urge for food. The Protein content of Greek yogurt is nearly twice with only half of the carbohydrates if compared with regular plain yogurt. Greek yogurt is also effective if you are trying to lose weight.
  2. Munch cool cucumber instead hot chips- This low-calorie veggie is full of nutritional value. It is naturally low in calorie and carbohydrate content. Zero percentage of fat present in cucumber makes it stand on the list. 96 percentages of water present in a cucumber slow down hunger and provides the satiety value (feeling of fullness).
  3. Gorge on Watermelon- As you all think watermelon only contain sugar and water, watermelon is actually considered a healthy, nutrition dense fruit. The high amount of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals and negligible calorie makes is one best late night nibble. Cut them in cubes or blend them in mixer, watermelon is healthy in all forms.
  4. **Sprouts are the best-
    ** The Mung bean or Garbanzo bean (another name: Chickpea, Bengal gram, Egyptian pea) are rich sources of protein and if they are sprouted the quality of the nutrient they provide gets doubled. Sprouting is a simple germination process of overnight soaking and keeping soaked seeds under a damp cloth for germination. Experts speak that the number of enzymes (responsible for boosting metabolism) in sprouts increases nearly to 100 times and the quality of protein gets better. The fibre content of the garbanzo bean and mung bean increase substantially during the process of sprouting. They can be eaten raw or steamed. The addition of chopped onion, tomato seasoned with pepper, salt can satisfy your taste buds.
  5. Kale chips for healthy snacking-
    The presence of series of nutrients in Kale makes it widely accepted by all. Kale is totally loaded with a variety of nutrients such as vitamin B, dietary fibre, potassium, calcium, vitamin E, Iron, magnesium, and antioxidants. Eating kale chips can be a good option to overcome the food craving at night.
  6. **Make banana magical-
    ** Bananas are healthy and can be included in the late night food list. Have it whole or make some yummy dish out of it, for the love of food. You can eat a banana in a variety of forms like soft serve banana ice cream (put a chilled banana in a food blender and blend it to get smoother ice cream look alike paste, chill it for 15 minutes and garnish with pomegranate or almond to increase the nutritive value and appearance), banana smoothies or shake.
  7. Airy popped Popcorn –
    When it comes to healthy snacks the first name that pops up in every brain is popcorn. These air popped kernels are low in calo