10 Amazing App Development Courses to Help You Grow in 2020

The mobile app development industry is one of the top sectors currently and was pegged at $108.44 billion in 2017, expected to reach $311.25 billion by 2023. The ever-increasing market owes its success to the developments in the mobile sector and rising dependence on apps ranging from gaming, entertainment, music, fitness, travel, E-commerce, education, and more. 

App developers are in huge demand and will stay relevant for the next few years. This has led to an increase in the number of online app development courses for beginners that are great to help you build a career in the field.  

For students, professionals, and even developers exploring an app development course to kick-start their career in the field, here is a list of top 10 mobile app development courses to get you started: 


Udacity is an online educational organization that has an extensive offering of courses in data science, business, programming, marketing, and more. Their portal offers a flexible online learning experience that consists of videos and projects at the end of each lesson to test your skills. Their app development courses provide great content and unmatched support to enable easy learning of the various coding techniques. 

Udacity is recommended as professionals from the industry teach its app development courses. Its Android Developer program is powered by Google, while the iOS Developer program is in collaboration with AT&T, Lyft, and Google.


Udemy is a great platform to get access to tons of courses on any topic, and it offers a vast range of options to explore app development courses in Android, iOS, Swift, Flutter, Xcode, and many others. For beginners, and particularly those wanting to undertake an app development course for Android, the Complete Android certification is a perfect choice. 

Each course will provide access to on-demand videos, resources, and can be accessed from the smartphone, laptop, or other devices. Students can pick and choose the application development courses that are perfect for gaining in-depth knowledge or getting a high-level understanding of the concepts.


Coursera offers degree programs and courses on multiple topics, and their iOS App Development course with Swift specialization is offered in partnership with the University of Toronto. The app development course offers 6-months of course material that covers the various topics on iOS development and how to take the app to market. The app development course is 100% online and provides a learn-at-your-pace schedule with support in languages like English, Korean, and Chinese. 

This app development course is ideal for those who want strong credibility with their certification and learn iOS development in-depth. It is recommended for intermediate and advanced learners who have a background in coding.


EdX is an online education platform that offers different courses supported by enterprises and credible educational institutions. For students looking to get credible certifications, the Android development for Beginners course is the ideal choice. The app development program is taught by Google developers and experts, which is completely online.