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Shaw Academy 'Diploma in Personal Beauty

Are you ready to Learn the Foundations of Personal Beauty?

Award Winning Live Interactive Education Online

Learn the Foundations of Personal Beauty

Diploma in Personal Beauty

The Diploma in Personal Beauty offers a top quality education accessible to all students

Learn at your Pace

Learn at your own pace with access to the recordings of your live classes

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Learn from Pros

Live lessons from professionals with fully interactive bonus Q & A sessions

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Certificate of Completion

Upon course completion an Accredited Diploma will be available, excellent for your Resume

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Watch. Learn. Practice.

  • No Prior Experience Required - Perfect for Beginners
  • Discover the Secrets to beautiful skin
  • Learn From our industry professional with over 10 years salon experience.
  • A community of like-minded students learning and creating together.

We are committed to

Ready to learn the Foundations of Beauty?

Your Journey Starts here!

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