Frequently Asked Questions

No Password For Video Access

The username is always your email address and you create a password when you register your details for course

In the meantime please check your email to see if you have already received login details from Shaw Academy. Please also check your junk folder.

You can find the Student Log in area in “MENU” tab on homepage.

If you have been registered previously with us please click here (http://www.shawacademy.com/lost-password.php ) in order to receive your password

Redeeming a Voucher

To redeem a 3rd party discount voucher please click “redeem Voucher” on top of our homepage and select the course you wish to redeem voucher for.

If the voucher was bought as a gift for someone else, please get the person who intends to use it to register their own details and create their own password

Video Access Problem

Try loading the video on different web browser i.e. chrome/Firefox/ safari etc.

You may have firewall blocking you, downloading a newer version of web browser can help solve this issue

If the problem persists please email support@shawacademy.com


Times And Dates - Course Outline

Where and when is the course held?

The on-line live Shaw Academy courses are conducted through live on-line meetings at scheduled times each week with all advertised times being local times.

We also have “on demand” (not live) courses where all modules and assignments are available from when you redeem your voucher, via our student log in area.

Which evenings are the live webinars on?

Webinar takes place 2 - 3 times a week, over a period of 4/5 consecutive weeks (7pm UK time)

The stated course start time - are they your or my local time?

All start times are local to you and should be stated clearly on the "Registration Confirmation" email which you receive after you enrol in any of our courses. Please double check time zone listed and if different amend to your own.

What is the course duration?

All of our live lesson courses runs over 10 x 1 hr sessions.


How do I participate in the live webinars and access the recordings?

You can participate using your own computer via the internet, both Windows and Mac devices will surface.

You can access recordings via student log in area found in menu tab

Live lessons are not essential in order to pass diploma courses you can view the recordings in your own time

What is the duration of one webinar?

It lasts approximately 1 hour not including questions and answers at the end of the live sessions.

Missing a Live Session

What if I miss the lecture? Will I be able to catch up?

That's no problem. We also record each lecture as we broadcast them. We make these videos available to you within 24 hours of each lecture concluding, and you will have unlimited access to the videos for up to 12 days after the entire course has been completed.


How do I access the recordings?

The video login page is here. These same login credentials can be used to access all recordings.

How long will I have access to the recordings?

You will have access to view these recordings for up to 12 days after the course has been completed.

How do I download the recordings to my computer?

These recordings are not "downloadable". You cannot store them on your computer's hard drive. It is only possible to view them when you are connected to the internet.

Is the amount of times I watch the recordings restricted?

There is no limit on the amount of times you can view the video recordings when they are available in our video access session.

What hardware do I need to listen and watch the recordings?

All that is required of you in order to attend is a computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or any device with a browser which is connected to the internet, and is equipped with speakers or earphones.


What if I have questions at any other time?

You can email any queries on any aspect of financial trading to support@shawacademy.com at any time. We remain available as a point of support and assistance even after the live webinars have concluded.

Why would I not just watch the recordings and skip the live events?

The Live Course lessons are interactive. You get an opportunity to ask any questions during each webinar.


Are there any assignments?

We provide you with weekly quizzes in order to self-assess your progress.
These are completely voluntary and a fantastic revision tool.
Upon course completion a Final Assignment will be made available in your Student Area. There is a €19 administration charge to complete the Final Assignment and receive your Shaw Academy Diploma.


I’m registered for the incorrect course

Send email to support@shawacademy.com