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Capturing images that a couple will treasure forever is one of the most rewarding parts of being a photographer. Whether you are an enthusiast with just a huge passion for photography or a professional developing your career, eventually a friend, family member or client will ask you to capture the biggest day of their lives. Wedding photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography, but with the right planning, technical skills and knowledge; a photographer of any level can be confident when undertaking this exciting task. Read More

Your Tailored Live Online Wedding Photography

The Art of Wedding Photography course will take you through the critical process of pre planning the entire day, equip you with the technical skills and knowledge to capture amazing high quality images, and give you creative inspiration for shooting stylish and contemporary professional wedding photography.

Live Interactive Classes

This course consists of 8 core lessons, building up your Wedding Photography knowledge step by step with directly applicable skills and knowledge necessary to produce beautiful photographic work. All lessons are presented online live, twice weekly, in a structured manner in order to allow you to learn efficiently. The live aspect of our delivery allows for interactive learning and the questions and answers session will deal effectively with all of your questions to ensure that you are fully understanding of all of the information provided.

Study when or where you please whilst also having full tutor support throughout your journey.

Qualified tutors will support you during each step of your educational journey. In addition to live presentation, all lessons can be accessed 24/7 post their release date so that you can truly learn at your own convenience. This means that even if you can’t attend a live session online, you can catch up on the lesson in your own time. Study when or where you please whilst also having full tutor support throughout your journey, making mastering and implementing this beneficial knowledge easier than ever.


  1. Learn totally practical skills and knowledge that can be directly applied to your Photography.
  2. Learn at your convenience and pace via 24/7 On-demand access
  3. Fully interactive bonus Q& A sessions
  4. Created, delivered and supported by industry leading professional photographers.
  5. Full support provided throughout and upon completion
  6. Certificate and Accredited Diploma optional upon completion - excellent for CV's
  7. No prior knowledge necessary. Suitable for all experience levels.
  8. A community of like-minded students learning together

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Photographing weddings can be a very challenging but an extremely rewarding experience. It is also one of the most common areas for budding photographers to break into. So how do you separate yourself from everyone else? In this lesson we will look at a number of different styles any of which can become your distinguishing style as a photographer. We will explore the different ways you can break into the industry, how to kick off your portfolio and then start promoting yourself. We will also discuss the different kinds of equipment you should start with and what can be add as your photography progresses.

Lesson 2: Pre-Planning

Taking on the responsibility of a wedding photographer can be a very daunting experience, however having structure and direction to your day will ensure you capture all those essential and memorable shots. Pre planning is an essential part of wedding photography and will ensure your day runs smoothly. We will take an in-depth look at the importance of great communication and planning to help achieve your vision for the day as well as the vision of the happy couple. We will discuss the role and benefits of a second photographer and take a look at examples of shots that they should aim to achieve on the day.

Lesson 3: The Day Begins

The excitement is building and your work begins. In this lesson we look at what type of shots you should be taking at the early stages of the day. The beginning of the day is full of excitement, anticipation and emotion and some of the most memorable shots. Whether you start with the bride or groom, your approach can be the same. We will discuss the many different shots you can get from this time of the day and the technical considerations to achieve the shot you want.

Lesson 4: The Ceremony and Couple Shots

The ceremony is what the day is all about. Contemporary wedding ceremonies can take many forms and can be held in many different locations. Lesson 4 will look at how to approach any type of ceremony, capturing the key shots and developing an eye for all those gorgeous little extras. Once done here we will move on to another very important set of photos, those special portraits of the happy couple. There are many variations of shots, styles and poses you can use here as well as many technical considerations. These can be the most creative shots of the day so your aim is to wow the couple with these.

Lesson 5: Group Shots

The group shots can be incredibly fun or incredibly stressful. With the right approach you will love capturing these shots and the entire wedding group will love you. From the traditional, to the fun and quirky, there are many styles and we will look at many examples while discussing the practical and technical considerations.

Lesson 6: Candid and Evening Shots

So all the formal shots are done and now everyone starts to relax. While you should be aiming to get candid shots throughout the day as a photographer but the evening can be an amazing time to get some fantastic candid and atmospheric shots. If you are staying late into the night, it is a great opportunity to get extra shots that will impress your clients.

Lesson 7: Post Production

By the end of the day you have potentially taken 1000s of images. Post production can really take your images to a new level. There are so many styles and looks that can add a new edge to your work and also help develop your style as a photographer. Lesson 8 takes a look at the variety of post-production processes to get that professional finish.

Lesson 8: Presentation Options

When all the hard work is done and your images are looking stunning and professional, it is time to consider the presentation of your work. With the 100s of different suppliers offering 1000s of different products it can be daunting to know what is best to offer your clients. Lesson 8 looks at some of the most popular products which will show your work off to its full potential and build your reputation as amazing wedding photographer.

  • No Prior Experience Required - Perfect for Beginners
  • Discover the Secrets of Photography Professionals
  • Learn From a Long-Time Industry Professional Photographer
  • Weekly Assessments Provided to Enable Students to Test Their Knowledge
All courses at Shaw Academy are independently accredited by an internationally recognised body for CPD purposes. This course is also accredited by the CPD Certification Service, which is an independent body that ensures qualifications are in line with the most current professional standards
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