Photography is a magnificent art allowing the avid student to draw with light in the most imaginative of forms. Photographers have quite literally brought light to the world and opened our eyes to the imagery from the furthest corners of our planet. Today we know more about ourselves and our habitat than ever before and we would content significant credit is due to the art of Photography. Often times the budding practitioner captures the iconic moment and now it is your turn to do the same and learn this discipline today. The Shaw Academy has focussed intensively on bringing together the very best of those artists who also have a very specialised skillset – the ability to teach and impart their wisdom to others – a rare combination.

Students have the ability to submit their work for assessment and build their portfolio with full tutor support.
This certificate in Photography brings students on a journey all the way from ‘What is Photography’ right up to digitally re-mastering one’s blemishes with freely available software Read More – professionalism at the right price. In a world preoccupied with celebrity status this is quite the sought after profession.

This certificate is ideal for both the potential hobbyist, who has a camera, but never knew where to begin and the budding professional who is eager to gain their relevant qualification. Both groups of student may have been put off previously by hugely expensive, long, drawn out theoretical programmes which would have seen them give up their evenings and weekends at great inconvenience.

All classes are held online in both live and on-demand format for truly blended learning at your convenience. Study when or where you please whilst also having full tutor support throughout your journey, making mastering and implementing this beneficial knowledge easier than ever.

Your certificate will be practical, it is a how to programme. How to understand and use your camera, how to capture that image, how to master ones’ trade, how to become a Photographer.

We are fully confident that there is no other qualification delivered online in such an accessible format which will provide the depth of knowledge that The Shaw Academy will bring to the subject. This, coupled with our unrivalled student support, ensures that this learning experience will be second to none. Read Less

Course Highlights Include:
Modules presented by Professional Photographers, who collectively have decades of experience and a wealth of Academic and Practical Knowledge – the perfect combination
Certificate includes over 35 course topics, delivered in video format, either on demand or live, making it the most comprehensive Online Photography Diploma available today
Students can build their portfolio whilst working through the Diploma content
Learn at your own pace with over 35 online audio and visual modules, spanning in excess of 10 hours of highly enjoyable interactive, easily accessible, premium practical content delivered on-demand at your convenience 24/7
Full support provided throughout and upon completion of the programme – your tutor is at hand at all times and can be reached with any question no matter how large or small
Completely suitable for all levels – from complete beginner to advanced
Accredited Certificate upon successful completion
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What is Photography?
Camera Basics
Menus & Controls
Camera Types
Introduction to various software applications
Exercise / Solutions

What is Shutter Speed?
What is Aperture?
Shooting Modes
Relationship between Aperture & Shutter
Exercise / Solutions

Art In Photography
What is Art
Function of Light In Photography
3D Vs 2D
The Rule of Thirds
Leading Lines
Natural Frames
Exercise / Solutions

Introduction to Outdoor Shooting
Shooting Indoors
Using Flash
Exercise / Solutions

White Balance
Colour Balance
Shooting RAW vs JPEG
Exercise / Solutions

Modules are customised according to your level of knowledge

Price: $849

Diploma in Photography
Diploma in Photography