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Although it may seem obvious, some athletes and fitness enthusiasts are not aware of what impact food can have on training and performance. A well planned eating strategy will have a positive effect on competition, fitness, recovery, reducing the risk of illness, and most importantly, helping you achieve optimal results. This course provides an evidence based analysis of sports nutrition. It will give you the knowledge and skills you need in order to achieve your sports nutrition and athletic performance goals.


  1. Learn from professional, world class personal trainers and coaches
  2. Discover what to eat to enhance performance
  3. A detailed look at carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fluids.
  4. Fully interactive bonus Q& A session
  5. Course suitable for all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced
  6. Learn at your own pace with access to recordings of live classes available 24/7
  7. Full support provided throughout and upon completion of the course
  8. Includes Certificate of Completion – excellent for CVs
  9. Key nutritional advice for fast results
  10. Easy to follow course content to implement straight away
  11. Full support available throughout each module

Lesson 1: What fuels energy systems?

Why exactly is sports nutrition so important? We start the course discussing macronutrients, the fuel sources we use during exercise, and give an overview of energy metabolism. You will become crystal clear on the importance of sports nutrition and why it is key to obtaining fitness and high performance.

Lesson 2: Carbohydrates as fuel for exercise

Here you will learn the importance of carbohydrates as a primary source of fuel for exercise. We will look at the current recommendations for different groups of athletes and discuss their carbohydrate intake, and how it can improve performance by optimising energy stores in the body.

Lesson 3: Combatting disease with optimal nutrition and exercise (On Demand)

In lesson 3 you will learn about the recommendations on the type and amount of physical activity needed to improve and maintain health. The consequences of a poor lifestyle will be discussed and you will learn what you can do to prevent and improve poor lifestyle related conditions, with good nutrition and physical activity.

Lesson 4: Protein and Fats for Exercise

One of the hottest topics in sports nutrition these days is the importance of protein and fats for sports performance. You will learn all about the role of protein in energy metabolism, with a comprehensive analysis of the effect of essential amino acids for optimal health and performance. Fat metabolism and its part in exercise will also be analysed.

Lesson 5: Sports Supplements

Here you will learn the truth about sports supplements. The huge variety of pills, powders, drinks and bars, which claim to increase muscle and strength, or burn fat, can often lead to confusion amongst athletes. We will discuss the effects of supplements on exercise performance and review the rationale for their proposed beneficial effects.

Lesson 6: Importance of Micronutrients – Get the facts! (on demand)

In the second On Demand lesson, we will get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding vitamins and minerals. As micronutrients are often equated with energy, strength and optimal performance, this lesson will examine the prevalence and effect of vitamins and mineral deficiencies in athletes.

Lesson 7: Hydration for Optimal Athletic Performance

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of how hydration status effects your performance and we will consider the science behind sports drinks. We will look at the exact recommended requirement of fluid pre, during, and, post-exercise. You will also learn about the fluid and electrolyte loss during exercise and what environmental factors can contribute to this.

Lesson 8: Nutrient Timing: when, what and how much to eat?

It is incredibly important to be aware of how the timing of our meals, i.e. before, during, and after an event, affects exercise. As eating out has a huge impact on our recovery after we work out, you will learn what and how to eat correctly post-exercise and boost your immune system.

Lesson 9: Sports Nutrition: how to apply your knowledge

Want to take more control of your calorie intake? You will learn about RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) and how to estimate how many calories you should be eating for your weight, age, gender and activity levels. This will enable you to take control of your calorie intake whether you want to lose, maintain or gain weight.

Lesson 10: Master Strategies for weight loss and muscle gain

So you know what to eat but have no idea how to get to the correct weight for your sport? You could be doing it all wrong! This lesson will help you understand the importance of body composition on performance and how to either lose fat or gain muscle in a healthy, permanent way.

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Course Schedules

Lesson # Day Date Time
Class 1 Monday Mon Feb 06, 2017 14:00 PM - 15:00 PM EST
Class 2 Wednesday Wed Feb 08, 2017 14:00 PM - 15:00 PM EST
Class 3 *On Demand
Class 4 Monday Mon Feb 13, 2017 14:00 PM - 15:00 PM EST
Class 5 Wednesday Wed Feb 15, 2017 14:00 PM - 15:00 PM EST
Class 6 *On Demand
Class 7 Monday Mon Feb 20, 2017 14:00 PM - 15:00 PM EST
Class 8 Wednesday Wed Feb 22, 2017 14:00 PM - 15:00 PM EST
Class 9 Monday Mon Feb 27, 2017 14:00 PM - 15:00 PM EST
Class 10 Wednesday Wed Mar 01, 2017 14:00 PM - 15:00 PM EST

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