Diploma in Psychology of Sales

Master the sales process and learn to present yourself effectively and confidently

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The Diploma in Sales offers the opportunity to utilise your talents to present yourself effectively and confidently within your daily environment. More than simply a requirement for those looking to sharpen their sales skills, it is also essential viewing for those who wish to express themselves in a more confident and forthright manner. This programme of study allows individuals to take control of how they are perceived from the outside world in a practical, efficient manner with one to one support and guidance provided throughout


  1. Modules presented by professional, qualified instructor
  2. Fully interactive with Q & A sessions throughout the programme
  3. Completely suitable for all levels – from beginner to advanced
  4. Lessons are divided into short chapters to allow you to study efficiently without impeding on your current lifestyle
  5. Learn at your own pace with access to recordings available 24/7
  6. No prior knowledge or experience required.

Module 1: Introducing Persuasion for Sales

We do not refer to ‘sales pitches’ or ‘sales presentations’. It is a sales conversation. The reason for this is that we need to understand the customers overall point of view. You can put forward your argument in the best possible light to move someone to a position they don’t currently hold. If there is a chance the prospective customer wants to buy, students will be armed with the tools and knowledge to make this happen through persuasion.

Module 2: Rapport 1

This aspect of the course delves into the various levels of rapport needed to close a sale. It’s not about manipulation but about taking a genuine interest in the customer. It’s about liking the customer before you try to get the customer to like you. The instructor demonstrates the importance of pacing before leading as well as how to calibrate a sales conversation, proving instrumental in closing the sale.

Module 3: Rapport 2

This section focuses on the idea that ‘we cannot not communicate’. Everything the customer does no matter how seemingly insignificant, conveys information that can be useful in a sales conversation. This module highlights what exactly students should be looking out for as communication is not limited to verbal responses but also body language and physiology. Students are shown how best to use this information to gauge whether or not their employed pitch is procuring the desired effect.

Module 4: The 6 Principles of Persuasion

This module is fundamental to success in sales as persuasion is key in moving a person to a position they don’t currently hold. It teaches students careful preparation, the proper framing of arguments, the presentation of relevant supporting evidence and an effort to find the correct emotional match with the audience. It also touches on some of the common pitfalls. This module demonstrates how persuasion is both an art and a science.

Module 5: Your Tools

Here we provide students with an opportunity to decide what they want to achieve. It involves examining their current position and determining where they would like to see themselves. This module also outlines the importance of SMART goals in actualising the students’ ambitions as it requires the formulation of a strategy with which to progress.

The instructor also provides students with techniques to enhance ‘story creation’. These aid in increasing the authenticity of the student’s sales pitch and, when implemented correctly, build trust and rapport with the customer.

Module 6: Asking Questions

We all know listening is a crucial quality for success in sales, yet it remains one of the most common pitfalls of salespeople today. The instructor reveals the essential techniques required to not just listen, but to hear. The focal point of this module is one that sales students cannot afford to miss: miscommunication means missed sales.

Assessment is continuous and you will receive an assignment at the end of each module. Assignments will be a mix of both written and practical work. The entire programme is 8 hours in duration, with each module taking 1 hour to complete. The course is delivered over 4 weeks.

All courses at the Shaw Academy are independently accredited by an internationally recognised body for CPD purposes. This course is also accredited by the CPD Certification Service, which is an independent body that ensures qualifications are in line with the most current professional standards
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