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John Healy - Acclaimed Maitre’D From RTE’s show “The Restaurant"

I decided to look into doing a nutrition course following my heart Transplant. One of the most important things I' ve learnt is that knowledge is power. In order to get the correct information rather than word of mouth I felt this course was necessary for my recovery.

Shaw Academy’s course meant I could learn at home at my own pace. The course has been fantastic on many different levels. I could study in Live classes or if I missed one or two I could catch up later. The classes are uninterrupted which means that they finish on time. They are to the point, informative and do not go off on tangents. The tutor cannot be interrupted so the pace is consistent. Information comes quickly therefore you don’t lose concentration and its only one hour.

The class assessments are multiple choice and can be resit at any time. Excellent style of learning to correct mistakes. As lessons can be printed out which is great to hold a reference for referral.

Sanna Ringqvist

I enjoyed the course, I learned more than I had expected. Even it was hard sometimes to understand everything, because my main-language is Swedish and not English. So it was good it was a powerpoint-presentation so I could follow everything there, and look up the words I did not understand. So I have learned both nutrition and some English. But it was easy to follow during the lessons. I work as a chef, so I think I can use this in the job.

So as I said, I enjoyed the course, learned more than I thought. It felt like you cared for your students, with calls and emails, so it was good!

Anouk Beale

I thoroughly enjoyed the nutritional course. I thought I knew a lot but learned lots of new things in every lesson. The course covered everything to have a better knowledge of food and the different aspects to do with the foods we buy. The support is fantastic, proactive and very approachable. I enjoyed it so much that I am going to follow the advanced course and help people to help them with their nutrition.

Adriana BI - Norwegian Business School

I want to thank Michelle and Shaw Academy for a wonderful course in Nutrition. I really liked the course and that fact that it was so rich in material make it really fantastic. I am new in Nutrition and although some things sound logical or I had heard before, there was a lot of information that was new for me. I did encountered particularly difficult lessons 2, 5 and 6. But I assume that reading them again and again will be helpful. At one point I consider it could be a option for me to ask if I could buy the videos from Shaw academy so that I could watch them again and again, and specially with my to children who are teenagers and have started to refuse to eat healthy food because they buy a burger, pizza or sweets at school.

I future it could be very attractive for us customers that Shaw academy activates a membership where you still can access those videos for certain period (longer that 4 weeks) and; when, new version is updated, we could update or access membership by paying a fee for this.

Penny Ioakim

I’ve just completed the course in Personal Nutrition and it feels great. So many new things I’ve learned about nutrition, how our body works and all the necessary nutrients that we need in order to stay healthy. I would highly recommend this course to everyone. I did the course for personal reasons and learned so much, all of which will help me and my family stay healthy in the future. The course was well structured, easy to follow, and well communicated. Michelle is fantastic! The additional support from the Shaw Academy is remarkable and very helpful.

Thank you Shaw Academy for making our lives better!

Ailbhe Duddy

I found the nutrition course excellent, Michelle is a great teacher well spoken easy to understand and provides plenty information. Eoin also is a great help and a pleasure to deal with, its a great advantage to have teacher's on an online course who contact students through phone and email. Would definitely recommend and appreciate the the great experience! Many thanks.


I really enjoyed the personal nutrition course. I applied to take the course as I have an interest in nutrition and wanted to expand my knowledge. I have now signed up for the advanced diploma as I've enjoyed and learnt so much that I'm thinking about a total career change to start in the field of nutrition. Being a 'mature' student I have been away from education for nearly 15 years so I believe this will give me a good basis and background in which to progress further - should I obtain the qualifications that is! I have been doing well in the assignments, although frustrating myself by making silly errors like not reading the questions properly, but I am consistent with 8's and 9's out of 10, so with revision I hope to do well in the final exam. The way the course is conducted is really good as you have the interaction with live sessions (which makes you feel like being in a classroom as you are sharing with other students and questions get asked that you may not have thought of but are really glad someone else did) Being able to listen to the recordings the following day is great especially if it was a struggle to take on board all the information of the lesson e.g. lesson 5, but after pausing the webinar and taking time to go through pdf's I understood it. I think it's great the amount of information given in each lesson and although it is intense at times on subjects I have restricted knowledge on, I can re process the information from pdf's and webinar upload after to get a better understanding.

Elita Cruikshank

Having completed the Advanced Nutrition Course, I am loving it and it is all making sense. I know it has been quick, but i just wanted to say i have done a few on line courses in the past and none of the lecturers have explained the topic to the students as well as you have. So for both of the nutrition courses that I have done with you (personal nutrition and advanced nutrition), thank you. You have taught me a lot and made it easy to understand.

Joy Bucklow

I’ve just completed the Diploma in Nutrition which I would highly recommended. I did the course for personal reasons and learnt so much, all of which will help me and my family stay healthy in the future. The course was well structured, researched and communicated and Michelle is fantastic! The additional support from the Shaw Academy has been very impressive.


I decided to do the nutrition course as I am considering a career change. I found the course great. The classes are very interactive and Michelle, the teacher, is very encouraging. Any queries I had about the course or the material were always responded to through email or phone calls in a swiftly manner. I would highly recommend this course to everyone. I feel like I have learned a lot and I am more mindful of the food I eat after completing this course. Whether it's for personal or professional reasons , I feel everyone would benefit from doing this course.

Sean Wakelam

I have just completed lesson 10 of the “Diploma in Nutrition". I work as a competitive bodybuilder. I decided to do the course as I am constantly being asked for nutritional advice by people down my gym and wanted to have something on paper to back up my knowledge. Having done the course by means of the recordings I would like to take this opportunity to say that I found the course content excellent and enlightening in some areas.

I found the presentations very clear and easy to understand and I can honestly say it was a pleasure to hear your voice. You came across as someone extremely passionate about the course content which made for easy listening. I attend many meetings at work and there is nothing worse than listening to someone with a monotone voice who sounds like they are simply reading from a script. This was clearly not the case where you were concerned. My personal knowledge has grown tremendously over the past 2 years and I have now added to this knowledge by completing the Shaw Academy Course in Personal Nutrition. Training in the gym is merely one piece of the puzzle. Nutrition provides many additional pieces and without them all it is impossible in my opinion to build the whole picture

Caroline Healy

Shaw Academy approaches learning in an easy and accessible way, making the process fit with your lifestyle and learning pace. I really enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend the open learning. The tutors are energetic, helpful and resourceful and I learned a great deal on this course. I would highly recommend them for continual learning, new learning and all the levels in between. Thanks again for all you efforts.

Donna Millar

I have just received my certificate through the post today for the Diploma in Nutrition, which reminded me that I did promise to give some feedback on the course. Working as a trauma counsellor, this course has provided me with important additional material which I can now use alongside my counselling skills to improve my clients abilities’ to function better with their trauma.

For example, one client could not get into a proper sleep pattern, which partly was due to their trauma, but was also as a result of their eating patterns. Using the knowledge which I gained from the course, I took a 1 day food diary and measured out how much sugar they were consuming in a day. Just a simple measure of their nutritional intake, as well as having an understanding of what sugar was doing to their body, my client was able to introduce a healthier and more balanced eating pattern, and within a week was able to obtain a regular sleep pattern. By changing their diet, my client was able to cope better with his trauma. Without completing this course, I would not of had the knowledge of how to breakdown a client’s diet and give professional advise on how to improve their nutritional intake which in turn improves their cognitive function and their behaviours. Thank you for a great course.


I've thoroughly enjoyed the nutrition course and found it a really exciting experience. I've already enthused to a friend who has put her name down for the same course! I think your course is excellent and your personal touches raise it above other online courses.

Thanks again for the experience

Tracy Grace

I have really enjoyed doing this course. I thought I might struggle having to get up and listen and learn at 6am New Zealand time but it was fine. I even looked forward to it after that first morning. So thank you for making it easier and enjoyable! I have learnt so much. Its been a real eye opener. I wanted to do this course because I had gestational diabetes when pregnant with my second daughter so now my daughter and I have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes so I really need to learn and lead a healthy lifestyle and be a good role model for my daughters. I did lose 10 kgs just before christmas (by doing the optifast vlcd diet) and exercise but then I stopped on christmas day and couldnt get back into it. But now I have learnt I can lose weight and keep it off by eating the right foods and not "diet" so I am going to set some goals and do it all right! Ultimate goal is to lose another 10-13 kgs but small steps :)

I would love to do the advanced course in the future. I would definitely come back and do it as I would love to learn about nutrition during pregnancy and nutrition for children as well. Thank you again

Annececile Felingue

The most for me: I'm on a diet and it is great, but.... After a time, the repetitive menus are varied, as they we're tired. With the lessons we learn, from my point of view, a big an indispensable complement to way to manage all the supplement, we take in hand a "mode" of concrete life that allows you to eat healthy and varied and adapted to each person. The course covers so many subject regarding the nutrition he's very nice of renting his concepts and we're having fun ;)

I took over new good habits and my last pounds will soon be gone :) ;) A real pleasure to have subscribed to this course :)