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Brief Overview

The purpose of the Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing is to equip students with all of the skills necessary to begin his/her structured online marketing career and to vastly improve returns from any current online marketing activities. Read More

Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing

The types of online marketing, the resource management, the most successful media aspects and the software have all been chosen and developed specifically for you as the new or as yet unsuccessful online marketer.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to gain from our knowledge and experience without having to go through the financial pain and time of self-education or huge costs associated with many other 'educators' multiple course based approaches which typically cost at least double our cost.

Course Highlights

  1. 20 hours of live online training with our most senior, proven specialised experts in Digital Marketing
  2. Access to Video Recordings of all sections covered
  3. FULL digital marketing techniques with all methods fully explained and tested
  4. Recommended Digital Marketing Software tools specifically related to these techniques to assist you in your development and implementation
  5. Comprehensive Materials that supplement all principles discussed during the Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing
  6. Quarterly Digital Marketing Reviews - for 1 Year
  7. Full Support - we here at the Shaw Academy don't simply say goodbye after your attendance. We are available continuously to answer your questions no matter how simple or complex they may seem

The ADM is split into 3 separate but interlinked phases to ensure each student has an in depth knowledge of digital marketing and how to employ it to turn a profit in the digital space.

Phase 1 - Theory

Our theory sessions take place each Tuesday for 10 weeks. We provide you with an initial 4 hours of pre-recorded content, spread over 2 classes, in order to understand the testing techniques that drive our data-based approach to digital marketing.

These sessions will be made available to you immediately and we would advise completing these sessions before you progress into our Live and Interactive classes.

The purpose behind these 2 classes is to ensure that you understand the logical underpinnings and basic techniques behind the ADM programme, and are fully prepared before our first live session.

It is at this point where our educational services, and our support team, comes into its own. We spend each Tuesday dealing with an individual topic, firstly in the theoretical sense, and then in the practical sense during the Thursday session immediately following it.

Your Tuesday classes will provide you with a new piece of the jigsaw – which you add to over a 10 week period until the complete picture is formed. Naturally, we will be providing a recording of each class within 24 hours of the LIVE event concluding, so our students can revise or catch up at a time of their choosing.

On-demand: A/B Testing: Finding a Guiding Light (Pre-recorded)

A/B Testing forms the cornerstone of a data driven marketing approach. Essentially, allowing a digital marketer to put live two versions; of the same page, email, or add and compare their performance. This technique lights the way forward for any advertising initiative.

On-demand: Profile Scoring: Identifying a Buyer (Pre-recorded)

Professional engagement with analytics is of huge importance to the professional digital marketers’ development. We illustrate examples of how and when to use analytics to identify which leads your site has acquired are likely to become buyers. This allows you to create sustainable timetables for managing your conversion process, profits, and allow you to make better business decisions.

Lesson 1: PPC Strategy Development (Live and Interactive - Tuesday)

Marketing of any type can be a bottomless money pit. However this should not be the case with online marketing. Here we engage in PPC strategy development, setting out clear campaign goals and success metrics. Heavy emphasis is placed on PPC Keyword development and the competition paradox of digital marketing is also fully explained and exploited.

Lesson 2: PPC Ad Copy and Landing Page Optimisation (Live and Interactive - Tuesday)

When engaging in any form of online marketing, no one technique is created in a vacuum. The whole digital marketing mix implementation is far greater than the sum of its individual parts. In this section we engage in landing page and competition analysis, optimising the user experience and Ad Copy for Conversion. We assess success and failure through Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing.

Lesson 3: How to Get More for Less with Affiliate Marketing (Live and Interactive- Tuesday)

Cost per Acquisition (CPA) methods allow a marketer to only pay for traffic that converts after being introduced by partners. This is one of the most lucrative methods of digital marketing. In this lesson we run through exactly how to set up one of these platforms, optimize the process of finding affiliates, and building a base for your future success in the digital space.

Lesson 4: Implementing and Analysing Onsite Search Engine Optimisation (Live and Interactive- Tuesday)

Creating success on your terms. No grey areas, no excuses, simply black and white techniques illustrating exactly what is required for both on-site and off-site SEO. This also includes keyword research and development and also the interrelationship between usability, experience and content leading to increased rankings and successful strategy implementation.

Lesson 5: Managing a Search Engine Presence for Conversion (Live and Interactive- Tuesday)

Exact proven techniques to grow popularity, connections and high authority inbound links organically. Effective SEO Management in our experience is crucial for sustainable online marketing success. This is mostly mismanaged through lack of structure but more often through lack of understanding. A strict, precise set of guidelines will be shown for either eventuality in order to increase online marketing returns.

Lesson 6: Constructing Emails for Conversion (Live and Interactive- Tuesday)

Email marketing is one of the most lucrative forms of digital advertising when done right. This lesson runs through how to construct an email that will actually lead to more than just an increase in open rates or click through rates but real world conversions that increase your business.

Lesson 7: Using Data to Drive Email Optimization (Live and Interactive- Tuesday)

Even the best emails in the world always have room for improvement, but how do we identify what needs to be changed, and which part of a message is failing. By using data garnered from sample email campaigns using many of the most often employed platforms in the industry we will look at exactly how to increase the performance of your next email marketing campaign.

Lesson 8: How to Build a Social Presence for Your Brand (Live and Interactive- Tuesday)

Building a social presence for your brand is one of the most difficult tasks for any social media manager. This module breaks down this complex process in to manageable chunks to allow students to begin to form a strategy for success in the social space. Social listening, narrowing your campaigns focus, and the importance of quality and patience are covered.

Lesson 9: How to Create Social Content That Converts (Live and Interactive- Tuesday)

The white noise of social media isn't just deafening, it's fatal to the inexperienced, we show you why this is the case and how we profit from in-depth analysis to create sustainable social assets including LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. This section also includes a content creation master class and advanced online reputation management procedures practically outlining how to gauge and react to online sentiment.

Lesson 10: How to Turn Followers into Brand Advocates to Drive Engagement (Live and Interactive- Tuesday)

Social media is not about speaking to your audience, it's about creating advocates for your brand. A strong knowledge of the engagement, reciprocity, and customer relationship management is key to turning customers into advocates. This will form the centre of a long term strategy that will see even the smallest brand grow into a force in the marketplace.

Phase 2 - Application

Our application sessions take place each Thursday indefinitely. It is during these Thursday classes where most of our ADM students feel that they gain a complete understanding of digital marketing. Each Thursday we run through a set sequence, where we:

  • Review the most recent innovations in the field, eg PPC
  • Analyse the performance of a number of targeted websites, including student sites
  • We look ahead to where opportunities might present themselves in the coming week
  • We deliver 5 practical ‘how to’ measures which will reduce the CPA and increase conversion
  • Have an “open floor” Q & A mentoring session

By splitting the ADM into these educational Tuesday classes, and more practical Thursday classes, it allows for a more rounded experience. We have structured this educational experience so that it does not take the form of a traditional “course”.

There is no end date. The digital marketplace is fluid and constantly in motion. Therefore, we prefer to provide on-going support to those students who wish to take charge of their success, which leads you on to the final phase of your education, ongoing support.

Phase 3 - Ongoing Support

Our awarding winning support will be available for as long as is required to help make you a successful digital marketer.

This will be in a structured format during the course and we are available by phone or email throughout your marketing career to offer a helping hand with individual issues, and assessing your sites performance.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to gain from our knowledge and experience without having to go through either the financial pain or time burden normally associated with self-education.

We are also aware of the huge costs associated with many other company’s “multiple course” based approaches, where they typically charge at least double our cost.

It is for that reason that we do not offer a 'level' or 'tiered' approach with regard to our educational courses. We have created this course as a complete standalone programme, showing all aspects of these techniques along with the practical application.

The Shaw Academy chooses to not limit your education. There is no set duration for this programme of study. It lasts for as long as you wish to be a successful, and supported, marketer – for life!

All courses at Shaw Academy are independently accredited by an internationally recognised body for CPD purposes. This course is also accredited by the CPD Certification Service, which is an independent body that ensures qualifications are in line with the most current professional standards

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