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While out capturing images we have a creative vision for how we want our shots to look, and while we do everything we can to get the correct exposure, composition and subject in our photographs sometimes we need take our images a step further through image editing. Whether it is for personal or professional reasons, Adobe Lightroom is a powerful editing program that will allow you to fulfil your creative vision and open up a whole new world of possibilities for your work. Developed by photographers for photographers Lightroom allows you to really get creative and enhance your images in a huge variety of ways. Lightroom also offers a range of features for managing your photographs and creating a fluid workflow. Lightroom has everything you need to take you images from the camera to the finished product. Read More

Your Tailored Live Online Diploma in Lightroom

Photographic editing is as old as photography itself. With the advent of digital photography and sophisticated image editing softwares like Adobe lightroom, we have more control over and creative possibilities for our images than ever before. Whether your objective is to enhance, repair or simply share your images, a mastery over lightroom is an essential part of your photography skill set. The Mastering Lightroom course will take you through the entire image editing process from import all the way to export and all the creative stages between. You will develop the skills necessary to produce images with a professional finish that will set your photography apart.

Learn practical editing skills in a fun and effective way - get the best from your photos!

Qualified tutors will support you during each step of your educational journey. In addition to live presentation, all lessons can be accessed 24/7 post their release date so that you can truly learn at your own convenience. This means that even if you can’t attend a live session online, you can catch up on the lesson in your own time. Study when or where you please whilst also having full tutor support throughout your journey, making mastering using this beneficial knowledge easier than ever.


  1. Learn totally practical skills and knowledge that can be directly applied to your Photographic editing
  2. Learn at your convenience and pace via 24/7 On-demand access
  3. Fully interactive bonus Q&A sessions
  4. Created, delivered and supported by industry leading professional photographers.
  5. Full support provided throughout and upon completion
  6. Certificate and Accredited Diploma optional upon completion - excellent for CV's
  7. No prior knowledge necessary. Suitable for all experience levels

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Lightroom

Lightroom offers an extremely powerful system for storing and editing your images so that it operates at maximum efficiency and speed. Lesson 1 looks at how to set up Lightroom and gain an understanding of how it operates. You will also become familiar with all the panels and modules so that you can navigate this highly creative application and begin to see the creative possibilities that await you.

Lesson 2: Library Module

Lesson 2 looks at how the library module will help you make sense of the thousands of photographs you capture. This module allows you to easily organize your photos, add keywords to quickly identify photos and create collections of your favourite images. We will also look at how to create an efficient workflow based on flagging and rating your photos.

Lesson 3: Enhancing images through the Development Module

The development module offers a huge array of editing capabilities for your images. Lesson 3 looks at the core adjustment tools and gives you a strong understanding of when and where to use them. The functions of the basics panel will give you the control to dramatically enhance your photos and help fulfil your creative vision.

Lesson 4: Localized Adjustments

Exploring the Development module further, we can target areas of a photo that we wish to improve or enhance using localized adjustments tools. Tools such as the graduated filter and adjustment brush allow you to enhance a specific area of your photo with great precision without effecting the entire image. This Lesson 4 goes into detail of how to use these tools to create dynamic images.

Lesson 5: HSL and Black and White

Lightroom offers extraordinary control over the colour in the photos we take. Here we look at the HSL (Hue, Saturation, and Luminance) options and how we can use them to improve and manipulate colour. Also in this lesson we utilize the HSL to create stunning Black and White photos, full of drama and impact.

Lesson 6: Batch Processing

Batch processing is one of the most powerful functions of lightroom. It allows you to roll out enhancements and repairs across 100’s of images at once without having to edit each picture individually. Getting to grips with Lightrooms batch processing features will save you hours of editing work and allow you to spend more time out shooting. In this lesson we will also look correcting lens issues and further enhance images through Lightrooms effects panel.

Lesson 7: Output and Printing

Understanding the file format options available to us is an incredibly important part of digital photography as it can have a big impact of the quality of our images along with how and where we can use our pictures. Lesson 8 focuses on subjects such as file format, image size and resolution so that you always understand the capabilities and quality of your photographs. We also explore the extensive range of templates and options for preparing your images to make those beautiful prints.

Lesson 8: HDR and Photo-merging

HDR Photography is a relatively new concept in photography but utilizing it correctly can produce photos with incredible detail and tonal range. Lightroom is perfectly suited for making this process straightforward. We will also look at how to create amazing panoramas using the photo merge tool.

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