The Shaw Academy Affiliate Program

What is The Shaw Academy Affiliate Program?

The Shaw Academy Affiliate program is a referral based initiative for interested individuals looking to boost their current income, while simultaneously helping us deliver on our promise to educate as many as we can in our various professional development topics. Members in our program have the ability to promote each of our courses on their website, blog, forum, email list, and social media platform. For every course that is sold through this program, we will provide you with a generous portion of the cost of the course.

When did our Affiliate Program Begin?

The Shaw Academy Affiliate program began at the beginning of 2015. As a high quality, rapidly growing education provider, we have received several requests expressing interest in assisting us in delivering on our mission. To date, hundreds of people have already joined The Shaw Academy Affiliate Program.

Who could take the most advantage of this program?

If you operate a highly trafficked blog or forum, love to rack up your twitter followers, or deliver high quality content for the public domain, this is a program for you. Turning your current reach into a profit generating activity is and should always be a high priority, and it always feels good to educate others. That being said, anyone who is looking to earn some extra money by offering education solutions is welcome to join our affiliate program.

Why are we Different?

The Shaw Academy Affiliate Program has been designed to massively reward our affiliates with some of the highest sale commissions offered in the Education category. We offer unbeatable Affiliate Commissions, which can increase depending on initial affiliate success. If that isn’t enticing enough, our courses are available to offer at fantastic discounts (95-98% off) and as a result we have seen our affiliates generate sales in excess of 5000 courses sold in a month.